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yes Geoff, but Sheldon Cooper is nuts! My mum is Nanna, and my gran was Granna. My MIL decided she would be Grandma when our kids came along.

I ventured to the plot at lunchtime but it was extremely cold so I didn't stay long. And I'm not working tomorrow - OH and I are off to London, to some sort of records office he wants to go to, but I can't remember why!

I'm supposed to be selling some stuff on ebay but I keep buying things instead!



I've an awning to sell on Ebay now. Never done it before, Any hints Or would it be better to ask daughters partner - he did get me that sofa for 99p


What is your miminum price Bjay?

You can list for free for 99p-but then it might sell for 99p-or you wait for free listing weekend-quite common -or you can list it now -it is not super expensive

Then you can give a "buy it now" price as well,good picture nice description offer collection or post -but cover your costs-quite simple really

Deanos Diggin It

I have traipsed the boards n my day is done! Feel like a drugs dealer with all laptops n tablets open! Charging of course! 

I, like most other's are tired of this cold winter weather, n just wanna get on! Have been looking for a greenhouse in keeping with back yard, wooden it has to be, to coincide with decking! Think I have found the one that shall fit perfectly! Shall delve further once not tired n have eye's like "Racing Dog's B.......k's!  4am start yet again! 

Say goodnight all!  

Caz W

Evening all - have only missed 2 days and there are so many pages to read!!!!  I'm in need of a quick summary from some kind person.  Have looked at a few pages and at least 3 people have changed names .  Hope you're all well and happy anyway.  Had a lovely day out today with son, friend and OH.  Went to a little town called Llandeilo, then drove over the Brecon Beacons and ended up in a lovely old country hotel where we had a cream tea in the lounge.  We sat on sofas right by a roaring log fire and ate our scones, bara brith and welsh cakes.  Bought DVD of Skyfall which we are going to watch tonight.  Am off to make some nibbles & drinks now before we start.



Brrrrr. Plans for big family lunch this Sunday have been put off for a week as little sis has been struck down by some horrid lurgy. Probably just as well as Bloke wanted to watch the opening round of Superbikes from Australia at midnight on Saturday, and brother in law wanted to watch the rugby on Sunday ( I told him he could have his dinner on a tray!)

Went to Trago's this afternoon (for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about.. ), en route took Pennydog for a liitle riverside walk, which was bordered with carpets of snowdrops and saw the first lent lilies out. But it was very chilly, even with double thermals on.


Highlights and Lowlights~~~~~~~~~~~~

Chris has been to the woods met a mass-murderer and bought some sausages

Bunny is on something- and another planet.

Becks is Miss Becks now-and has cleaned out all the cheap shops

The effing boiler is still effing whistling

Jean owns a horse

Bjay is on the mend

Flo has lost a chook

Dean has got 8 windows and ate a cheeseburger for breakfast

Sue can enter the glamorous granny contest soon

There is still a lot of illness

Some have worked -others haver scived

Think that is about it

Bunny ...
Jean those stripey types here already arnt they, whether asian no idea. We have them here , small but stripey . Horrible things. If throwing stuff away was easier id throw more, drives us mad getting rid   Oh Flo did the doggy get squeezed, poor mite. Ewww rattys. Maisie dog sounds like Olive , have a go at anything   Rosa great purchases ...loo roll ? hehe, awning exciting whats it like? moonchair sounds fun . Like the half filling module idea . Pub tea too mmmmm .   A new crown and no snow perfect, not liking the forecast ahead ...boooo .   Dean sleep well, id love a wood greenhouse ..and sun house..and ..and ..and ..and   Caz thats sounds lovely , skyfall tonight too I havent seen that yet myself heard good reports.   Figrat thats lovely .   Right hoping I have caught up.

Oh Caz, cream tea in a country hotel lounge! Sometimes I really miss the UK. I miss proper bacon and sausages, a pint of bitter (real ale), proper thick double cream (sterilised and spoilt here), clotted cream, marmalade (but I bring that back from England, can't even buy Seville oranges to make it here), marmite, peanut butter, nice curry sauces, English bread, English cheese - especially Cheddar etc etc ....  I make bread to have a nice big farmhousy loaf with a doughy middle. Here it's all burnt crust and holes. The French boast about their products, but the English are very modest. Some French people are surprised to here that cheese is even made in the UK! One thing that is better over here is driving - emptier roads!

Think I better stop, this is the 2nd over serious post I've written today.

Bunny ...
Hehehe Liz ,, come into the warren for some of my carrot cake

Oh and one more thing, the French don't even sell runner bean seeds (or sell runner beans to eat) except something called Haricots d'Espagne which are runner beans that they use as a climbing decorative plant.


And another thing, they don't do carrot cake, so Bunny, yes please!

Bunny ...
Your putting me off France to live liz

But you can still come for cake, I shall get the kettle on ...
I am Nana Poo - Pah
Pam LL x
Bunny ...
Haaaaaa lovely name Pam .... Poooo...Paaaa , nice ring to it


Miss Becks

If any of my kids kids call me granny or grandma, I'll tape their mouths up!!


 Well  forkers, what a busy lot you have been while I had my back turned.

When we go to France, Lizzie, we really love the seafood, wine and cheese, but I'm always pleased to get back home to a good cup of tea. They can't get the hang of actually boiling the water, never had a good cuppa there yet. They don't do proper cream cakes either, it's all the creme patisserie- that doesn't look right, but you know what I mean, custardy stuff..

Bought a canna lily tuber while out today, never had much luck with them in the past, but thought I'd give them another go. Any tips any one. Also some meal worns for the birds for 99p, a bargain I thought.

Not much on TV tonight so will have to see what I have got recorded.


Liked your summary of todays activities. We all sound barmy. no comments please.



That's why I'm having trouble findig a suitable type name Becks

Liz - It's good to get things out in the open sometimes

Miss Becks

Actually, I think it's something else that needs taping up to prevent a call for the occasion in the first place!