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Oooh, Glyn, I've never had a reminder from the hairdresser! I suppose she cn't tell because I always look like a shaggy dog *dog smiley*
Which reminds me - I must phone the dentist

Pennine Petal
I was going to call in today anyway, Flo, now they will think their marketing is working. I missed the 20% off voucher in my Xmas card which was a 1 week only offer. Too expensive to go too often.
Bunny ...
Morning sue & nola

Hehe Caz I didn't realise I was any different to normal, OH is used to it
I shall send over a trug full

Just been sorting through my seeds .....heeeeeeee.... Was sorry not to find any impatiens seeds yesterday though

Morning all

Sitting here waiting for someone to come and quote for a new back door, be here at 9 he said

Good news is that the foxglove 'Illumnination' came this morning, have been waiting since October, just hope they will survive travelling in this cold weather. I Will pot them up and leave in GH later. Though at moment do not want to go out into the cold brrrrr.

Quite like Mamgu, will put it to commitee

Pennine Petal
Morning. Bjay, doors are expensive! I need a new front door, listed building, so will cost an arm and a leg. Keep putting it off, but will have to bite the bullet soon. We get blasted by the wind and rain as no houses opposite us.

Sorry, seem to be talking in cliches this morning!


Sue H
Aww yes. So glad. Hope everything goes ok for her. Which way is wind blowing. Is soooo cold here. Doesn't usually bother me. Used to ride horses for miles and miles in the dead of winter. But today is decidedly chilly.
Can't wait to get outside and put my new coldframe together. Need to put my shallots in pots too. But also have to go to work at 1.30!! Next day off Sunday. Wonder what weather will be like then?
Bunny ...
Maybe mamgu could be username too

Ugh doors , drive me mad and ours arnt old... The fitter of them was the problem .
Just watching some deer in back field , awwwwww.

Right off to shop ...think il pop to Gretna for change .
Sue H
Bunny - thought impatiens got some terrible disease or something these days??

Good Morning Everyone

It is freeeeezing here !!! I went to Sainsburys first thing and got the rest of the weekly food shop and have to take the sample book back to the shop and order the flooring for the new shower room- then I am staying inside

Our two youngest Grandchildren call us Nana and Grandpa Poo - Pah and their other grandparents Nana Bee Bee and Grandpa Tony 

Keep warm and have a good day

Pam LL x 


The door does not shut any more and there is a permanent gap of about cm, well can get my fingers in it, and when we had those winds it kept blowing open

I was going to be Nain (also welsh) but it doesn't trip off the tongue like Mamgu does., Thanks Caz

OH is Poppa - it fits him

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies.

Definately a nip in the air this morning, but have nothing to do, except pop to the shop with Jess to spend her £5 christmas money on a comic.

Might get the iron out. Might not.

darren the gardener

morning all

cloudy here this morning but dry and cold

havnt been around for couple of weeks fell off crutches and broke hub been two weeks waiting for new one

still up and running now


Sue H
Beccy wow. Still has Christmas money left in February! !
Can I send my ironing round. Pile now as big as Everest! !!
Sue H
Darren. Where on body is hub????
darren the gardener


i ment the bt home hub that works internet i fell and knocked it to ground it broke


Jean Genie

Oh Darren  Hope you didn't hurt yourself and didn't cause any further damage to your leg. Glad you are back with us,

Sue, I think he means the hub from his p.c.

I've been putting off going to the shops - it looks so bleak and miserable out there but it has to be done.

Nothing worse than waiting for someone to call Bjay. Hope they don't keep you waiting to long.


Darren, welcome back   Glad your hub's fixed, hope you will be properly fixed soon!

My pruning saw has just been delivered - looks as if I really will have to go out and tackle that root now! Coffee first

Miss Becks

She only had it yesterday Sue. Off my youngest sister in Nottingham. She was heavily pregnant Christmas time, and couldn't make it down here. My elder sister went visiting the new baby last weekend and bought the cards back with her.



OK he has been, car trouble and as he was in a courtesy car I guess that was right. He admired my house especialy the kitchen/living area 

Oh dear Daren, are you usually accident prone? I was wondring how you were doing

Right I'm off for a cup(mug) of tea

darren the gardener

rosa no im not normaly accident prone i just sliped trying to do to much to soon