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Miss Becks

If you're going for a Paypal account Bjay, you will need to verify your bank first, which could take a few days for the Paypal deposit to show up, so you could do it in advance, ready for when you list your items.

Jean Genie

Morning  No snow here and not freezing cold either. Just as well - OH putting up trellis panels today. (Was going to say erecting but I see Geoff's up and about )Also digging out old honeysuckle and moving some plants. The worrying bit will be keeping hold of 2 clematis until the panels are in place.

Going to try Canary creeper this year - got some seeds in asda for a quid . Just hope they don't go the same way as the cobaea.

Enjoy your day forkers.

Bunny ...
Morning Jean
. Sounds like a fun packed day, good luck .
Jean Genie

Oh Bunny - meant to say I've grown mimulus - bit of a thug. Dug mine out as it got too invasive. Think it's also called Monkey flower.

Bunny ...
Ohhh a thug , hmmm maybe a rethink then. thanks .


Deanos Diggin It
Morning All! ; )

Been trying to snow on and off here most of the morning, but has yet nothing to worry about.

Have parked my backside firmly in the lovely warm office, and intend on going nowhere, or doing anything else till home time! : )

I have a paypal acount  but think I would prefer cash as it is SO big and heavy it will have to be COD

Just broken ice on pool for birdies. Given neighbour an air brick and now off to butchers - not in forest, ours is by the duck pond

See you later

Pottie Pam

Good morning all,

Hope all are well. 

Really excited today. Going to visit Bosvigo Gardens near Truro. It's their hellebore day. They have a special open day every year for charity. Their daughter was sadly killed in the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004 so today the charity is Shelterbox. Carol Klein is opening it.

Will take some photos. I'll report back later. Must go and get my Artic gear on. Freezing here.

Bunny ...
For something large rosa some ask for it to be sent, they can arrange it themselves and pay if you weigh it...tedious though . Collection better option , a lot prefer to see and pay there and then. Get plenty pics.

Pam how exciting , I'm so envious ***hopping envy smiley*** look forward to pics .

Sun coming out , now to venture out or not ...hmmmmmm.

Don't work too hard dean
Deanos Diggin It
They'll be no fear of that Bunny : )

Just waiting for the nod, n shall be on my toe's! : 0
Bunny ...
Hehehe good to hear dean, I spoke too soon with sun it's started to snow again so the kitchen called ...

Vanilla sponge
Bakewell buns

All listings completed-a lot of faffing-now to see how it goes

Bunny ...
You must be selling loads Geoff , have nowt left


Pennine Petal

Afternoon all, on my lunch break so I thought I would say hello.

Bunny, the old fashioned mimulus is very pretty and it does not go mad in my garden! Suppose it depends on the location. I think it likes the damp best. Slugs eat it in my garden. You could put it in a tub to it spreading too far.

Very cold, but not much snow after all, hope I'm not tempting fate!

darren the gardener

afternoon all cold here trying to snow but nothing to worry about yet just back from garden asociation shop a large coffee with hot cross buns and football on radio

Bunny ...
Afternoon both

Thanks I shall look at mims again then , study up this afternoon with a cuppa, they're for pots anyway so be ok.
Waiting for cakes to cool here **tapping foot** kitchen a mess now , can't bake without a mess I'm afraid .
No snow to report
Miss Becks

Well, I'm being very focused, and working through the ironing. Finding things I forgot I had! Getting a bit bored now though.


If we play a game that might tire Bunny out and  she would have a nap?