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Miss Becks

Omlette went down a treat. Just mixed pancake mix, and bath is running. Just need to find something to watch on one of the players.

Jean Genie

Evening Dan .  how are you getting on ?

What on earth is that ?

The Doctor

Me lost in the over growth. been very slack in the garden due to pack pain


Hello all, (and hi Dan). I've survived the sleepover but I cheated and came home to sleep! Akela was not impressed but I've got too much going on to be going without a night's sleep. The rest of it went well and we had a french theme so gave them bowls of hot chocolate and croissants for breakfast. Seemed to be a popular move!

No ging gang goolies though. The hut is a bit more substantial than a shed! Its more like an old army building - in fact it is an old army building! (Well, actually two stuck together!) It has character.....



Jean Genie

 Dan - nothing to serious I hope. haven't heard from you for ages.

Don't blame you Lottie - nothing beats your own bed.

Hmmm, Brandy and hot chocolate . Might have to try that.

Caz W

Evening Forkers.  I'm with you there Jean - that does sound nice and just what I need to warm up!  Had a cold but cultural day today

.  Been all around West Wales looking at old churches, ancient monuments, Preseli Mountains (where stones for Stonehenge originated) and beautiful beaches!  No wonder we all feel tired.

Pentre Ifan - 3500 BC


Caz W

11th Century Celtic Cross at Nevern Church

Ancient gravestones - don't know why but I love really old graveyards






Jean Genie

Sounds like you had a good time Caz . Love looking at old churches. Greek ones are spectacular - very ornate . The last one we saw was in Yorkshire in Mythalmyriod ( excuse spelling ) bit of a mouthful that.

How on earth did those stones end up in Stonehenge ?

Caz W

We pondered that question today Jean!  I decided that however it was done, the women must have organised it .   Visitors going back home tomorrow so I shall probably spend the day recovering - haven't done so much in so few days for years!!!


Just done a quick catch up

Welcome home Dan-a long hibernation

Evening Caz-graveyards and stones-you're a cheap date

Think I might go to warm bed and watch tv

Night all

Bunny ...

Watched skyfall hmmm still can't get Daniel Craig
Undergrowth, gravestones and brandy...and skipping sleepover tut .

Am I too late for the party ?
Jean Genie

Morning forkers   Been a very slight snowfall overnight here but not much to write home about. Felt a great need for tea so am sitting in conservatory admiring yesterdays efforts. A tad on the achy side today . Good practice for the events yet to come.

At the risk of being ex- communicated I would like a little rain shower today - just to settle the plants in that I moved yesterday. Come to think of it, my rainwater supply is running a little low.

That's a first.

We are off visiting today and later may or may not pot up some Mont Blanc lillies.

Have a good day everyone.  

Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

Another cold day, and no end in sight.

I love the stonework photos just above. I've got some standing stone photos, and old gravestone photos, of my own...

Artifacts like those are exactly what I'd like in my garden (perhaps reproductions), and covered with lichens.

Bunny ...
Morning Jean and late risers

Sunny here, blue sky, few flakes on the ground overnight but nothing more, looks frosty and cold.
Rain jean....rain ????? as long as only on your plants and nowhere else.
Hope your aches ease and enjoy your day.

Shall I clear out greenhouse today , will see how cold it is . Need my nursery bed sorted soon too .... Ohhh the jobs, the jobs....

Not sure what we are eating today , but there will be cake



Morning all. Had a catch - up. Nice to have Dan back again. Jean, you have my undying admiration - I went outside for about 15 mins yesterday and had such frozen fingers that I gave up and came in again. Rubbish night on telly so went to a local am.dram. I didn't realise Agatha Christie was that popular!. The theatre holds 450 and there were very few empty seats.

Really cold again, a few small snowflakes settling on cars. Maybe I'll brave the greenhouse today.

Keep warm. eat cake, drink brandy and hot chocolate and have a good day forkers.

Bunny ...
Morning Flo
Sounds like old Agatha is making a come back

Take a brew to the greenhouse if you venture, keep you warm .... Could do with a kettle in mine

Good morning all - white stuff sprinkled around - nothing that absolutely has to be done in the garden (other than put the rat bait boxes out there ), but bread and scone making is on the agenda and some pork to roast - other than that a bit of reading/knitting/watching tv - I think I'm due for a lazy day - anyone care to join me? 

Bunny ...
Morning Dove
Your day sounds lovely , like the sound of bread making haven't had another go yet, machine usually does the work to be honest
I fancy making a quiche this week (first) , look forward to harvesting things to make them with (hopefully something will grow hehe) ... Eating outside on the warm summer nights .... Ahemmm hint weather co-ordinatior , summmmmerrrrrrrrr of sun and warmth please

The sun has gone and been replaced by clouds

Morning all. Cold and grey here -5°. Nearly time to refill horses' water, but outdoor tap is frozen. That means carrying containers from the kitchen (or pushing them in wheelbarrow). They drink 40L a day each. When weather's like this it doesn't go above freezing all day.