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Bunny ...
Morning Liz

Good exercise ! Had to laugh at water containers , when we lived in tourer caravan OH used to take our tanks to work each day to fill them and bring home at night and carry up the site ...brought back memories there for me
Pennine Petal
Morning all, weather much the same here. I am off to the hairdressers in a while. Suppose I will be in for a couple of hours. Might venture out into the garden later, depending on how cold it is when I get outside.

Lazy sort of day today, going out chez friends for lunch. Good night on TV tonight, Countryfile, Call the Midwife and Mr. Selfridge. I wanted to be a midwife, but after general nurse training met 1st OH and ended up having babies instead! Did 3 months obstetrics. Not all women yell as much as they do in Call the Midwife! My OH can't watch it.


Cold Good Morning All

Still no sign of ice melting and by the light scattering of snow on the pots guess we has a little overnight.

Jean I know you and OH worked hard yesterday bUT rain

I have a most amazing icicle hanging from the sput of one of my water butts. Didn't realise it dripped till i saw it. 

I love churchyards. At the Priory Church here the gravestones are fascinating - many are from other parts of the country, probably came here for the water cure and promptly died. There is one of a whole family - keep meaning to look them up on the census to find out about them

I have posted a question for rose experts No garden today, just thinking ablout it and maybe ordering some plants

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

Have absolutely nothing to report, but just checking in.


Bunny ...
Omg rosa.... Probably came for water cure..and promptly died great water

Morning folks
Deanos Diggin It
Good Morning

Weather pretty much the same as all else's! "Bloody Cold" : (

Allotment bound shortly, armed with large flask of coffee n dug out the little camping gas fire which I'll put in the greenhouse, so at least we'll have a bolt hole for a ten minute warm n a hot drink! : )

If we manage to finish the last stretch of fencing n get a base n frame knocked up for summer house/Garden room I'll be happy!

Coffee n sausage butty first! ; ))
Bunny ...
Morning Dean
Good luck down the allotment , hope progress goes to plan .
Deanos Diggin It
Cheer's Bunny!

"Off to Play"

Oh! Caz! "Come on You Bantam's" (Not that have any interest whatsoever) ; )

At the moment we are listening to a 'Pick of the Pops' with David Jacobs from 1961, He has just introduced a new group called The Springfields.

OH has found them, we heard another yesterday, on the internet. The sound is brilliant, as if it was now apart from the music

Tomato' have germinated, some aubergines but no peppers or chilli

darren the gardener

morning all still cold here but dry

just sorting out my packets of seeds in to some kind of order ready to plant

hope to be able to get down to green house this week




Not much going on here either


good morning all its a balmy 5c here in Clogher head with sunny spells expected all week,so the weatherman says ,he also said it would not snow yesterday. but looking out my window across the Irish sea towards the Coolly mountains and the Mournes it looks it could be a good day


Bunny ...
Afternoon Darren , Geoff , Derek

Just started snowing here not impressed .
The Doctor

Hi guys, 

Back in October i was launched 6ft in the air by my partners pony and landed on my backside on very hard ground. Paramedics were called because I could not breath nore stand (after getting up and walking pony back to her stable) I bruised by coccis and my back muscles have been playing up since, even emptying the dishwasher hurts.

I am dreading cutting the grass (it does help having a self-propelled mower) and building a veg patch next weekend.


Sue H
Afternoon all. Fairly cold here. I appear to have a massive hangover after a party night out!!!
Bunny ...
Ohhh sue , paracetamol ?

Doctor 63 , it takes a while to get the strength back in your back, I fractured my coccyx about 18years ago , (slipped on tiled floor landing on it) , walking got my muscles stronger and back extension exercises , I do still ache there though after certain things. Take it easy it will improve, just takes time in afraid

Afties all. Have not put nose out of doors yet apart from letting Maggie the solo chicken out of bed.

Dan, that sounds extremely nasty - I'm sure building a veg patch is not going to help!!!

Sue - hope the party was worth it

Derek, envious of your near-heatwave! Can I move in with you, please

Bunny, meant to say I love your little hat  


The chickens have found a perfect spot