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Just had an e-mail that brought a few tars to my eye. Some very close friends went off to New Zealand and the Australia to live and I miss them desperately even though they left about 8 years ago now. E-mail said they are coming over in May and would like to meet up. Just hope they find time to see us, as naturally family will come first in their visits.

So cold out there, just looking through the window makes me shiver.

Chickens look happy Geoff 

Sue, I always gave kids/and for me a very sweet drink pushes blood sugar levels up, alcohol lowers them

So bored making chicken stock, then tomorrow the plan is to have chicken soup and cheese and spinach scones


Nooooooo-not chicken stock or chicken soup-not in front of the children

There seem to be a lot of injuries on this thread

You should throw one of you parties Bjay-and throw a kangaroo steak on the barbie

Bunny ...
Chickens practicing climbing in pots for cooking Geoff ?

Aww rosa how nice

Load of old crocks on here

Had a wander round garden , that wind is biting , checked greenhouse came back in too cold !!
In the middle of garden plan drawing , next stage rather not entire thing ... That may depress
Trying to decide if nursery bed should be raised bed or as is ...decisions...

Ouch  bruised coccyx!!! Take care Dan!!! I used to have a pony like that - wasn't an Exmoor was it?   My DIL is having an X-ray on her coccyx this week as she slid down the stairs on her btm some weeks ago and still can't sit down properly. 



Bunny - my thought s are to have a raised bed as you can then ensure that your soil is the right tilth for the plants. Easier to controll - and if necessary you can top it up with compost to keep fertiliy.


Years agoI fell down the stairs clutching my baby son.(he's 31 now) I managed to keep his head up but his leg was trapped under me, so it was broken Put him back with walking by a couple of months or so - still makes my tummy churn when I think about it 


Bunny ...
Yes I was thinking that as its a corner, fence behind , open field other side , heavy rain brings water into there from field so thought raising it would help that and not level at the moment .

Did you get a visit from Social Services?-only ask because our eldest banged his head as a child-ended up in Casualty-nothing serious but within 24 hours there was a concerned health visitor at the door

Bunny ...
Rosa ...oh stair fall, ouch.
Pennine Petal
Afternoon all, all pampered and coiffed now. Blinking cold out there, the water that seeps out of the moors over the rocks is all frozen into icicles. Would have mad a great photo if I had had my camera. Bought a little pot of tete a tete to brighten up my desk tomorrow, very pretty.

Oh Dan, take care of it.
Geoff, great hen photos.
Bjay, you should go out for a visit.

Waiting for left over fish pie, will have to put on some parsley sauce though!

Going to have a lazy afternoon.

No Social service. i was in a bit of a state as well and my back has not really been sound since.

As the years went by spent alot of time in A&E. 3 very energetic and sports mad kids but no social services. In one year son no2 managed to break at different times all extremities ie 2 ankles and 2 wrists. we were quite relieved when they all left home. Son no1 still visits A&E on a regualr basis - hockey player


Ours stuck lego up his nose- as you do

I fell out a tree a few years ago and broke a wrist-didn't know till 2 weeks later when it still hurt

Glyn-so no picture of the hair do either then?

Pennine Petal
I don't do photos Geoff. Wouldn't want to frighten anyone!

When are we jetting off-do I need to pack anything special?

Miss Becks

Afternoon lovelies!

Sitting here depressing myself. I have so many veg's I want to try this year, but not the space to do them I fear. I've done a sort of garden plan, which involves halving the garden, and taking up half the grass,and leaving Jess a bit for playing, but still don't think it will be enough. Doesn't help only half of my garden gets full sun. I wonder if Jess will mind if I take up all the grass.

Bunny ...
I'd have thought you would have grown out of tree climbing by now Geoff

OH broke his finger unknowingly (still can't bend it ) playing with a stick with dog **rolls eyes**
Broke hand bones drilling core through wall ... Black blue and swollen , weeks til would get it checked **rolls eyes again**
Jumped from caravan down ditch onto piece of wood with 6inch nail ...through boot!
I fell up gable ladder temp stairs building house ...5yrs ago , still swollen leg

What a clatter bucket load on here

Hairs lovely , suits you

Lego in nose ...hehe , funny why kids do these things


Bunny ...
What do you want to grow becks ? Can you use big pots ? I use pots on deck(big deck) as sunny there and can move them. I don't use garden .

Becks-what is there at the front-can't remember

There was a big in house accident a few years ago-will not go into details-but wheelchair was need for a while-now that is scary

Miss Becks

Peppers, Cabbage, Bulb Onions, Cauliflower, Carrots, Spring Onion, Toms, Rhubarb, Plum Toms, Sweetcorn, Brocolli, Sprouts, Red Onion, Kale, Peas, Beans and Calabrese.

I used pots for my toms and peppers last year, but got so fed up with moving them round. Trouble is with my garden, the patio starts to shade early afternoon. Just going to have to choose some not to grow after all I suppose.

Nothing's at the front yet Geoff. It's just grass, but am hoping to get borders dug and prepared for flowers this year.


I would forget sweetcorn-you need a lot to get pollination-and sun to ripen

and cauliflower-tricky,cabbage is cheap in the shops

sprouts-you only a couple of plants-unless you love them

carrots do well in a container

Perhaps put some in containers at the front??

Bunny ...
Omg Geoff wheelchair

What about some raised beds at the front ? Is it sunny there ?
I failed with sweetcorn . Onions I did in large tub, sp onion in pot, toms and peppers pots in greenhouse, salads I do troughs, I did beans in troughs but we don't actually like them so don't do now, carrots sound something I could try , I do beetroot in pots too .