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Evening all what a wonderful warm day Ive had in by back garden ,i made a new shelf  for putting more seed trays on in the plastic green house i bought in Argos last week €55 last year it was €75 thought it was a bargain just have to persuade the wife to get a real one next year a lean-to type so then I can use my fence which is south facing a 10 x 6 I think fingers x .



Had good lunch out, bloated and stuffed and overdrunk!

Geoff, I could have sworn Kipling wrote "IF".   Your chickens look so comfy in their pots.

Hope Bjay gets to see her friends from NZ.

Hope Dan's bruised coccyx recovers quickly. My sister broke hers when heavily pregnant. Leave the rest to your imaginations!

My daughter swallowed a little Lego man's head when she was 2, guess where I found it!

Becks is getting the bug! Thought she didn't do gardening, only computers! Sweetcorn does very well here, but we have hor summers. I grow it because the French think it's cattle and chicken food, so you can't get edible sweetcorn.




One other dosey child tale. Son no2 fell out of a dustbin, so embarassing when they asked at A&E what he was doing in it he said he was being a Flowerpot Man  We had a video of them. I think that was a 5 stitch job!

Fire is burning, OH is cooking dinner, I am reclining on the settee, 2 cats and dog have full tummies and are snoring Sunday - great. just had a thought that normally i'd be nursing my aches and pains after a day in the garden

Jean Genie

Evening and nighty night Dean.

A bit of a mixed bag today - coq au vin and coccyx  Poor old Dan - That sounds really painful. Hope the road to recovery isn't a long one.

Didn't get round to potting anything today as we were late coming home so am having a little play on here. Had lunch out but feel a need for a little something.

Cake springs to mind.



What do you mean, Deano, "bedtime", it's too early!


Wasn't there a Latisha in the Vicar Of Dibley-cooked weird cakes etc

Nite- nite Dean-bed bugs and all that

Still haven't done anything again today


Howdy, Forkers--our grey rain is back, after a brief but pleasant respite yesterday. Did some tidying in the garden yesterday--weeds, like rust, never sleep--with this eagle watching for over 2 hours. Not a great photo--sun in wrong place. Wonder if she's scoping out a spot for a nest? There are a few 



nests in the vicinity, which they add to and reuse in alternate years.

Jean Genie

Inka -  I am so envious. What a beautiful bird.   We have a sparrowhawk that appears from time to time but would love to see one of those land on my back fence. Don't think the longtails would be impressed though.

Hows the patches going ?


It's mating time for them now--they do the most incredible aerial ballet with sticks, swoops and drops in tandem. I am truly blessed to be able to live here!

Eagles are elegant when soaring, but not too maneuverable in the forest--I have seen them ganged up on by smaller birds if they venture too close to a nest. Once I found a live salmon on a woodland walk, dropped by an eagle. It was delicious!

The patches are okay--still smoking 3 a day though--can't seem to go below that. Plus I use the gum from time to time. Might try hypnosis.

Jean Genie

You live in a truly beautiful place Inka   and well done . I'm sure you'll get there in the end.

Bet the eagle wasn't impressed to lose the salmon but what a find for you. Freshest fish you've ever tasted I'll bet.


 So busy looking on here forgot to watch Countryfile weather forecast

Is that a sea eagle, Inka?


It's a bald eagle, Jean. I think the osprey is a sea eagle--we have those, too. Can't tell if male or female--they look the same, except the female is larger.

Once I was walking on the beach when an otter came out of the sea with a huge ling cod. I ate that too! When I was cleaning it discovered it was full of eggs-what a shame. I saved them in a bucket and took them to school for a math lesson--we counted the number in one gram, then weighed them all--3,000 or thereabouts. The ling cod is protected here--but it was dead when I found it.


Each egg was about the size of a grain of rice.



hollie hock

Enjoyed your pictures Inka, 3 a day is doing very well

Jean Genie

Inka - that was certainly  a maths lesson with a difference

Evening Hollie.

Thanks for the weather forecast Mr Mystical orange balls. Need to do some hoeing tomorrow.

hollie hock

Hi Jean, lovely smells coming from the kitchen, roast duck with loads of veg

Caz W

Wow Inka - loved the eagle pics and what an inspired maths lesson .  We saw a bald eagle once in Beacon Hill Park in Victoria - one of my holiday highlights!  My son worked as a volunteer guide at Goldstream Park during the salmon spawning season and one of his tasks was to collect dead salmon for the children to paint and then press onto paper to make "salmon prints" - I've still got the print he sent me!  .

Jean Genie wrote (see)

Need to do some hoeing tomorrow.

Short of money Jean

Jean Genie

 Caz ! 

Can't even think of a reply to that one - nearly choked on my toffeecrisp !

Think I'll nip round to Hols.