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First possibility of any sun here, according to Beeb weather, is next Monday.

BTW a minute's silence for death of Archers messageboard 4 mins ago  

darren the gardener

miss becks its been 5 weeks now i got to do some thing wife wont let me in garden or workshop i am going mad 12th of march seems along way to go yet


I noticed that -dead on 12-there are a lot of tears out there now in cyber-land-that many will not understand

Jean Genie

Just having one of these.

 Yes. Love them Geoff.  Saw them live once in London. Just had Division Bell on - forgotten how good that is . Now for a spot of The Wall.

Good job this is a detatched house - the more I'm enjoying it , the more the volumes getting higher.


Jean, sounds very caffeine-heavy. I go all woozy if I have my coffee too strong.

Geoff, even to the end there was sniping and grizzling in parts of Mustardland. I think gardeners are, on the whole, a more laid-back bunch.



Hello Peeps. I've got a headache, am trying to sort out unwilling colleagues, and broken equipment. The hobbit is being his usual bolshy self - when I asked him about the testing he's supposed to have done his answer was 'I don't know, I might have done it'. Not helpful!

Went to see Mum and Grandad yesterday - Grandad was in good spirits and we had a lovely chat, all about ancestors. I told him about some of the research I'd been doing and he told me about babies who 'came a bit too quickly' - including himself and my mum! I knew about my mum but not that it was also the case with him or my mum's cousin! But he said he couldn't see that it mattered unless you were religious. And he also told me his grandparents got divorced, which was such a rarity at the time it was in the national press. Would have been in the 1880's.


Really interesting Lottie. And he has given you lots more to research.

I was always told my great grandmother died in a snow drift. Then I found she died at beginning of April, so I thought unlikely, but when I had her death certificate she had died of exposure in a snow drift. It must be in a newspaper somewhere, that means a trip to Wales (Newport)

Just walked to shops, damp cold rather than dry cold and I think a little warmer


I'm glad to see there are a few more refugees from Mustardland in here. A very sad day, but I suppose I might get more done on the allotment now that they have killed ML off.

Bunny ...
Fighting nettles !!!!! Grrrrrrr

Found a mouse hole ...think a mouse in greenhouse , everything emptied out now to clean . Nettles coming in from back , wonder whether to roundup after cleaned ?

Hello-"goldionthelevels"-that is one hell of a user-name-would people know you under something else?

That sounds fascinating Bjay and Lottie-there are skeletons in most families' closets-especially those where the men where away in the army

Gary Hobson
Lottiebeans wrote (see)

... it was in the national press. Would have been in the 1880's.

If you're interested in family history, you probably know that many national and local newspapers from that period have been scanned and indexed and their contents can be seen on-line.


I posted as "goldilocks" on other boards, and I live on the Somerset Levels. Hence my new allotment having been saturated for the last few months.


Yes but it costs money and I try to do it all on a tight budget. Not as fixated about it as I used to be.

Maybe because I have no family now that can agree or disagree with the track I am on


Welcome Goldionthelevels. You may find that you spend even more time here than in Mustardland - I certainly do   So are we going to call you Goldilocks, or Goldi or neither of the above?

Bjay, my mum remembers snow in April, don't know which year, though.

Lottie, it's great to talk to 'the oldies'. We have a thing about tying shoelaces in our family because family history tells that a great-uncle of my Dad's tripped over his own loose laces, fell in the Thames and was drowned.

Caz W

Afternoon Forkers and hello to Goldionthelevels

Great stories from Grandad Lottie - I love the ones with what they thought were a bit shocking.  Have found a few skeletons of my own lately whilst plodding on with family tree.  BJay - don't know what dates you are interested in but the Cambrian on-line might be of interest to do a quick search.  The Cambrian was the first English-language newspaper to be published in Wales from 1804 - 1930

Glad you've cheered up now Bunny


Gary Hobson
Rosa carriola wrote (see)

 at beginning of April,.. she had died of exposure in a snow drift.

If it was 1947, there were savage snow drifts as late as March. The worst snowfall of the century was on March 5th 1947.


Call me whatever you like - just don't call me late for dinner!

Caz W

BJay - Cambrian is free to search.


This snow was during WW1.

Check the story, you might find there is an element of truth

Came on to say under bird feeders I have a bucket of water full right up for birds to drink out of - doesn't freeze so much. Pigeon having a drink has just fallen in bucket 

Welcome Goldionthelevels 


Of course, Gary! I remember studying that period in history when I was teaching year 6. Worse is that we also studied the 1960s and I well remembered that