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Bunny ...

I return from the garden , over did it a always !!
Greenhouse gutted, cleaned, new racking assembled (all by myself) , things gone back in all tidy and nice, plants sitting smiling all happy with their clean house. I shall attack around greenhouse tomorrow and funny space between shed and it , nettle removal, pot washing , sorting , tidy up, getting ready to start seeds

Had omlette for tea

Now to catch up...
sotongeoff wrote (see)

I have never spent the night in hospital-even when the babies were born-just came home the same day

Are you a very hardy female or were you asked to come back and see your wife the next day????


 Feral goats in the front yard--but these are billies--didn't eat them!

Bunny ...
Billy goat gruff inka

Right caught up, sounds like you've all been busy
Watching food and drink , puddings mmmmm , got into pudd and cake recently never used to bother
Jean Genie
Deano's "Diggin It" wrote (see)

Jock box done


Once again Inka - fab photos


Bunny ...
I did wonder about jock box hehe
Caz W

We'll have to ask Geoff to look it up in his Yorkie Dictionary


A jock box-where a Scotsman keeps the crown jewels

Bunny ...
That's what I thought.... And dean has 'prepared his'

His probably plays a tune-like a juke box

Caz W

Do you have to wind it up?

Caz W

Does it play "Deano where's your troosers"?


It has a handle-dont turn it too quickly


Caz W

What a onesie that is


Who has hacked my picture files again??



That's another onesie that will haunt my dreams 

Do you know when i ....... no won't go there


Inka you live in an amazing part of the world and your photos are wonderful