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Jean Genie
Rosa carriola wrote (see)


That's another onesie that will haunt my dreams 

Do you know when i ....... no won't go there



Bjay - do tell


I have nearly finished this lot of knitting. Will buy some more wool tomorrow.

has that changed the subject enough

Jean Genie

Bjay - it's only making me wonder what you're knitting !


Caz W

Well Bunny - it didn't leave much to the imagination did it?

BJay - you could knit one of those

Jean - it's since you've listened to that Pink Floyd album today!  It's another "brick" in the wall


I can't knit anything that size - not mens stuff yuk

Sue H
Evening all. What a shock to see that!!! Took my mind off my injured fingers. Spent half day in A&E. I should not be allowed near very sharp knives!! Taken painkillers but still throbbing. Kids trying to take my mind off them by playing songs with goat noises in! Strange but quite funny

That chap in the yellow outfit looked like he had a ferret down there!

Geoff didn't go to hospital for babies because he's only 5.

Sue H
Hadly call it an outfit can you? More an accessory
Bunny ...
Morning all

Nobody up yet ??????? Helloooooooooooo , Helloooooooooooooo

Not as achy as yesterday so onwards to the greenhouse , thinking flagging, weed removal , lawn edge sorting , pot washing and prepping .
Can't decide whether to move pot box (plastic storage box) from front greenhouse to side, its useful but isn't pretty... Pretty or useful..hmmmm.
Already had my "watch your back" lecture from OH (put back out last year for 3 weeks )

Sight frost, but sun &cloud now .

***makes a coffee while sleepy heads sleep on***


Sue H
No you are not alone Bunny. Up getting daughter off to school and son off to college. Is grey cold and dull here (again) Not frosty though. Fingers still stinging!!! You sound like you are going to be very busy. All my jobs will have to wait until Thursday - day off!
Gary Hobson

Helloooooooooooooo forkers,

At least I'm up, and have fed the hungry birdies. It's damp and dreary here. Another poor day forecast. But the rest of the week should be a bit brighter, if not much warmer.


Hello, I'm up. Just been feeding horses, dog and cat. Sunny, but -4°.

Bunny ...
Gooooooood morning then...

Ohh sue sure it will calm soon


Is it just me -but what is this about fingers and A&E Sue-have I missed something??

Just been to the 99p shop and got a full size grow bag-now going to open it and inspect the contents-if it ok will buy a load more and use it for pottting etc

I see on the ranting thread Liz is now Bust-Lizzie-I shall call her bust for short