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Ok have caught up on all the posts. Sue -ouch! Poor you, hope it mends quickly.

I'm a trainers girl - actually most of the time I wear walking shoes. Never wear heels. I've got some of those sandals, they're very comfortable.

Damp and miserable here, so am not going out. Might spend my lunch hour doing some more research.

Rosa carriola wrote (see)

Just had a grumble on MOB. Well it makes me so cross when they say it's genetic - weight 


I thought we were all entitled to an opinion.  So sorry I made you cross! 


trousers all the time. Can't wear walking boots - I have a lovely pair - the brace won't fit into them. I have a pair of slip of flat sandals with a suitably built up insole for really hot and light weight cushion brace bit that won't fit into trainers urgh! Go round in circles - , and will have to wait for April to see what else can be done.

Just opened the 2 begonia corms from Wilko and they are really good, firm and large and can see lots of little buds


I get plantar fasciitis too, but not all the time. Thought is was genetic, brother and daughter have it. Pain in the neck (feet!) when sightseeing, feet start to burn. Have had troubles with burning where stirrup goes when riding. Has anyone tried Hotter shoes? Lovely soft soles. They don't all fit though, but my Hotter walking shoes are really great.


One of the cubs had a really nice pair of Ecco boots that fitted me (he's 9!!) so I've told him to give them to me when he grows out of them!



Oooh fashion talk-my specalist subject

Bunny ...
My mum had it , but to be honest it is very common ...we are all on our feet arnt we. When my back plays up my foot does, I use ortho insoles but they don't fit into my walking boots so I use a gel heel in those which help. My mum has hotter and clarks , needs supported ankle/heel . Mine is a lot better than it was, could only hop at one point before christmas , steadily improving but as am gardening I let OH walk dog in morning as I'm stiffer then...trying not to over do it ... I always fail
Hehe lottie , he will prob be out of those soon
I wear trousers all time anyway..jeans.. Mil asked if I wanted some tights/pop socks from where she works , hehe I declined
Bunny ...
Ps garlic focaccia bread had with cheese and salad , followed by cake , right back to it .... Dig dig dig ...
Hello everyone! Been AWOL with a hectic weekend and back to school!
Have had a browse through....

Inka-lovely pics
Jean- I have eaten goat as well (mountain goat in Spain....a bit chewy!)
Sue-hope your fingers recover soon.

Dean-my Mum and I grow asparagus down on our allotment. I is lovely to have your own when it costs so much!
We've had it a while now. Planted it in a trench with the crowns spread out on a mound. Didn't pick any the first year. 2nd year picked a few spears but after that pick until June then leave to go to leaf to build up for next time. Quite thin spears at first but lovely done on the BBQ for a few mins.

Will have to read back moe thoroughly as I know I have missed loads!
Moe?? More thoroughly!

Was wondering what the MOB thread was....I was thinking "Mother of the bride" and was a bit confused! Found it now though.

Decided I was in need of warmth so moved into kitchen to do some potting on - dwarf dahlias and alpine aster - and to top up begonias and add the 2 new ones to the trays. Simple not that messy until, trying to pour water from filter jug into little watering can (see avatar) I dropped said jug onto said can. Doesn't water go a long way When mixed with compost doesn't it make a mess And don't even ask why I was using filter water So have just spent more time clearing up than I did gardening and I only wanted a little bit of warmth(pathetic smiley


What is up with everyone at the moment?-we used to have funny rambling conversations on here-now it seems to go quiet for long periods


I'm here. Becks is not nor has been except for the odd few sentences. Lottie is busy - hooked on Family history - Dove, lilly louise etc don't seem to appear

Inka will be in bed, Dean is doing whatever Dean does and others just seem to pop in and out occasionally


There are quite a lot of entries, Geoff, but February isn't the funniest month. There were a couple of days recently when we didn't even hear much from YOU! Bunny was quite sad.

What springs to mind when you think of Bust-Lizzie? (a page or 2 back) Someone with a big bust or someone who's broke? !

Had anyone looking at the house recently?

I expect when spring really starts then conversation will die down as we'll all be outside.


Mmm-was not always like that



Nola, where in this world are you ??????????



Liz a large chested broke lady

Nothing on the house-had a questionnaire today on how they were doing-they didn't rank very highly in my scoring

Why is it so cold and snowy in Italy -when they are further down than here?


I'm around now.

Sue- it's so easy to do things like that. Take care.

Am finally thawing out. 'B' hell daughter's house is cold with no heating. I did sort of clean the front bay window, but some sort of deposit ? on it that will probably budge with warm water, which didnt have unless I boiled the kettle, plus elbow grease & vinegar which also didnt have.

I'd taken a fan heater up with me, so moved it from room to room wherever I was! Think they'll need the oil filled radiator up there as well for this w/ends' painting session.

The stored furniture arrived, the big wardrobe had to be dismantled to be got up the stairs- narrow, steep & a bend at the top. They finally got it reassembled, but have broken off a knob & removed the other. No problem, daughter can buy new ones & also some for the tallboy that has the same ones matching the wardrobe. Funny thing is I can remember Dad fitting those when I was little, so they werent the originals.

Does look good seeing furniture around. A bit sad though as lots of memories.

Visited the local Morrisons on the way back, bigger than ours. Then called in at the warehouse place here from where she's ordered her carpets. I'd been telling her they would be cheaper & would get a new mattress for the little bed. Wouldnt believe me, but of course they can......& much cheaper that what she was saying, plus 1 less delivery to arrange.

Now what's the betting that OH will phone me just as am putting my car away in garage. I've got the urgently needed info he wanted, but cant get hold of him. J.


This was thread was not running in Feb last year - was it? I think it is just that it is Feb and we are all fed up with not being able to garden properly.

Geoff I have been wondering what is happening with house. Is it time to start chivvying them up. Remind them, in the nicest possible way, that you and your house are still there. We found we had more response when we did that. Sometimes Even went for a general chat into the office. Mind you being a female i could flirt a bit as well - gets results Send Mrs Geoff


This time last year there was / were no Fork Handles so maybe it will always be a February thing


Flippin'eck Even when I write a short post I get overtaken by three ! Probably another three while I edit