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Gave up on that -got bored

The strapped look suits you Dean

Bunny ...
Nothing else on .... I fast forward some of it

Think I might take up the violin


Pennine Petal
Evening compadres, just had a quick catch up. OH can be an MOG sometimes!
Bunny ...
Hehe MOG , I live with MOG

Geoff I see you have been 'planting seeds' before march said march

I think Terry Wogan wanted to stay ,I watched a to z yesterday not impressed got a bit boring  , well good night folks sweet dreams and i will look in again tommow


Bunny ...
I zipped through it Derek ... Night .

Could / should I re edge lawn yet ? Or is it bit early (clueless on lawns ) ...and most things before that gets pointed out
Bunny ...
The month march ..not march march
Caz W

Evening forkers - very late for registration today .  Went on a school trip to Pizza Express this morning, with 24 eager 9/10 year olds making individual cheese & tomato pizzas.  After that went to visit mother and sort out her incredible collection of bedding which was jammed in a cupboard and then went to do some shopping.  Bought a few garden things in Wilkinsons and have at last got some perlite!!  Late getting home, quick jacket potato with beans and cheese for tea, visit from neighbour, bath and now almost ready for bed

Sue - ouch - that's made my legs go all shaky
Geoff - good buy with the compost!  We've got a 99p with parking outside so will be paying a visit soon
Pam - I'm sure you'll make a wonderful floral tribute and hope you can manage to find a bit of time to celebrate your birthday too xx
Dean - not much room there for many sandwiches


You could re-edge the lawn-I am not working out there till the sun shines and it warms up a bit-might just prune the roses this week-depends

Will return to the 99p shop tomorrow


Bunny ...
Evening caz ... Sounds a fun pizza day...ahemmm.
Your mothers bedding sounds like my mums ...hehe . Think you should sleep well

Thanks Geoff , I shall move onto list number 2 once greenhouse store tidy area finished tomorrow we have sunshine here tomorrow , pop over I can find you a job or 10 . My rose doesn't look good you could have a gander at that for me

I am here. Has taken ages to catch up - shoulder beginning to hurt from knitting. Warned son he may not like it - not pretty nor has the air been around me

So sorry you have had to wait so long to say goodbye to aunty Pam. I am sure it will not all be glum.

That is one place to keep a lunch box

Such fun 9/10 year olds in pizza express- He he he -so glad i don't do things likethat any more

My OH is a MOG sometimes - it's his age

Bunny ...
Makes me think of meg and mog
Bunny ...
Evening rosa.

Lunch being a baguette perhaps ?
Caz W

Or a foot long sub