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Bunny ...

ok got icons on ipad and can get diff smileys but not in the standard way  

Gary Hobson

Good piece of detective work by Bob the Gardener, moi, and Bunny.

Bunny ...

just need to work out how to get the smiley options , i get them pressing randomly hehe ... and the upload image brings up url so .....

Jean Genie

Morning   We have sun.  

Pam - Will be thinking of you today. Lovely sun flower.

Off for more coffee . Back later .


He-ho silver lining

Still gloomy-binmen have been-haven't been outside-beeen dozing in bed-nothing planned



Happened again - posted and nothing appeared 

Morning All

Lovely sunflower. Made me smile

Nosey now - what detective work?

Here it is still dull and dismal and the hills cannot be seen

if I can get the energy levels out I will start on the family border I now have a Camellia to put in, it already has a rose - one son and a clematis the other son, But I haven't really sorted it properly. Spoilt for choice for a plant for my daughter, but sons partner hard to find something even with tha RHS search engine

I even found a rose with my name yesterday - but may not use it. Daughters partner also has a rose but it has had to go in  the new bed with lots of sun.

Talk later. Vacuuming to be done


This is a sunflower field near Brantome about 35 mins from where I live. The only downside is that the fields are so beautiful for a fairly short time, then the flowers look brown, dead and depressing for some time while they are drying out getting ready to harvest.


Lovely Liz. There is something about sunflowers that always make me smile 

Gary Hobson

The detective work was involving smilies on ipads on another thread. I don't know if the problem is fully solved... Bunny says she was pressing something randomly... but we got some good clues.

I was expecting that a smug Kindle user would post a comment on that thread.

I like sunflowers and normally grow some. I've got a packet of seeds, T&M's Harlequin. But last year's flowers were disappointing. I think they do best in warm sunny weather.

Bunny ...

hehe havent sussed as yet, will look later when i can be bothered, maybe someone will have sorted it by then

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies.

No sun here yet, but there's plenty of time.

Have you opened your parcel yet Gary?

Gary Hobson

Just about too... I'll be back later.


For your birthday Pam

Hiya Becks. Coming up your way again tomorrow

Miss Becks

You sure you really want to Bjay. Very Dull and miserable round here.


Are we all going too Cannock Chase for another party

Need to know so I can choose my outfit



Weather no different here. Maybe we'll get the sun everyone is talking about tomorrow

Any way as we have to have lunch I think we could go to the Hollybush again 

GC attire only Geoff

I have dropped my repaired mouse on the granite hearth, it did not like it,  I am waiting for it to die but not immediately


Here's my one outfit or it may be the other one

Here's my outfit so you will recognise me!

Deanos Diggin It
Morning All! ; ) (Ipad Smiley)

Lunch time! Gammon, egg n chips! : p

Nice pictures Pam, Liz n B'j : )
Miss Becks

Bjay! Both look stunning!

Cup of tea Dean? Ringtons finest! Cheeky Git!

Deanos Diggin It
: ) : ) ; )

Strictly a coffee man me Beck's! ; )