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I do - or have we got to guess? 

Rosa carriola wrote (see)

Big excitement - have just booked holiday - based on OH saying we are not going to be ruled by M have booked for 2 and a bit weeks in Cornwall. Wow such a long time away. Can't wait well guess I'll have to - loads of gardens, maybe a trip to Tresco, definately Eden Project weeee

have also done some potting on hmm, not sure if will survive but they are now on window seat

Be aware no helicopters fly anymore, it's the 'puke-boat' or aeroplane to St Mary's only now. My Aunt and Uncle live on Tresco, Anchor cottage, (it's the house with the massive anchor stuck in the seawall in front of the road! My uncle always grows lovely annuals and agapanthus in his front garden, you may well have seen it when travelling past from the quayside (which is literally 300 yards from the quay). It is a shame what has been done to the Isles of Scilly, all thanks to the wonderful work the Dorian-Smiths have done to remove any actual true 'islanders' from anywhere other than St Mary's.

The islands are where I spent nearly every summer for 15 years for my holidays and the Abbey Gardens are splendid.


The moment has gone now-but the sun came out for a fleeting few minutes

Well golly gosh there it is again


Never been to Tresco before, after we first said about going found that the helicopter was not flying - something about a 3 way dispute so may go on aeroplane., needs a bit more research. first. 

Thanks for your input

Well come on then Geoff or are you going to wait till there's more of a crowd to save repeating yourself


Gone again now-you need to be here

Flying to Tesco-that sounds very grand-does it land in the drinks aisle?



Yes tis a shame, I think it's more to do with British International (who flew the helis) using them to supply oil rigs, also machines were old and parts expensive, the tickets were getting same price as the planes, and the planes are quicker. Mind, it used to be a question in Trivial pursuit about where was the only cricket match stopped to allow helicopters to land, and it was Tresco, my Aunt was part of the greeting crew/ abbey gardens cafe staff. Oh and please be aware, everything on the islands is like twice/three times the price!!!


Back inside now. Not tempting fate with energy.

Still a lovely sunny day out there. Washing doing well. T'was warm in greenhouse where there are now 3 big pots of dahlias & 1 chocolate cosmos. All the pots wrapped & all covered with a cloche. Greenhouse not insulated this yr., but they should be ok.

There is life too in some of the uneaten autumn sown HA in the one coldframe. Slug pellets put down & have now closed up both coldframes.

Have dug up & repotted a rhubarb crown, or 2 I hope, for daughter & also some persicaria which will love her damp soil. Am amazed that it even tries in mine nowadays.

Bjay that holiday sounds lovely. You'll never get me on a boat, nor hellicopter, but small plane- hmm, maybe. Done the 'taxi' plane from Jersey to Guernsey in the past. It was OH who had a panic, but I loved it. J.


I was lookingforward to a helicopter ride, but if we do it it will be the plane 

The sun has finally come out to play so I have had a little play in the GH, potted on the rest of my lavender and some lettuce.

Slow walk around the garden and it looks as if my lovely Penstemon 'Garnet' has given up the ghost. It was one of the few plants I brought from old house. I have some in the GH from one of those offers but don't think there is a Garnet.

I think i need to take cuttings every year from what i see on this site - am I right Jo?

long time till July - will keep you all posted.

Bunny ...
Afternoon... Haven't caught up been out this morning , forgot was beige day at b&q zzzzzzz.... Garden now and it's hot , may need a cornetto

My PGarnet is hardy up here bjay. I still take cuttings though in late summer/autumn, just in case. I've also an unnamed lilac variety that comes through too. Nowadays tend to stick to those that do survive for me. The name of the lilac will come back to me sometime......

I have already had to cut my parent Garnet plant back this year- yes could be too soon, but the flopping was driving me mad everytime I looked out. Have now got some new supports to use that'll be better for it.

I also noticed that my plant had layered itself, so that'll do for daughter as i dont want 2 so close together. J.


Is that what you were getting excited about - visiting no 10 ? 


No -the fact that the sun came out

Gone now

Miss Becks

Although the sun has been out here, there's still a chill in the air. Be a while before I retire my wooly hat yet!


Is your wooly hat a wally hat?




Well that's disappointing

What are people cooking tonight?


Nothing but OH is cooking cottage pie or it may be stir fry

In October I bought some rhubarb roots off DT Brown, gave one to neighbour - doing fine mine can't find any trace of it at all. Rang them up explained couldn't take photo as it just wasn't there and they are sending a replacement no quibble at all. That's good I thought

No it's cottage pie, stir fry tomorrow.


Does the cottage pie come with scrunchy top and peas?


Of course  


Back from afternoon in theatreland - felt like a real oldie going to a Wed. matinee

OH is cooking salmon and broccoli pasta tonight - there's bound to be peas, he adds them to everything. This week, while he's been off, he agreed to have a WW week with me having finally owned up that his paunch is somewhat paunchier than he's been wanting to admit