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I'm having the end of the cold pork from Sunday, with cauliflower and broccoli cheese. I went to my friend's for tea last night - she lives near where I work - and they gave me all the cheese left from the cheese board to take home. Could explain the nightmares last night.....

I am just about to make ginger cake and chocolate brownies to take to work, as it's my Unbirthday tomorrow - no 29th this year, so no birthday for moi.


Just been catching up. After the Victor Meldrew clip was waiting for Geoff's news. Was it just that the sun came out? I thought he'd sold his house.

OH gone to choir. Girlfriend coming round for supper and a chat.

We didn't go to Tresco when we went to Cornwall, but we saw about 9 gardens.

Cleaned the greenhouse this afternoon.

Miss Becks
We've just had turkey burgers, special fried rice and a few chips. and of course, madam wants pancakes for afters.
Caz W

Evening all.  Nice to hear that the sun has been paying some of you a visit

Have been in school today practising for Eisteddfod (concert) for Dydd Gwyl Dewi (St David's Day) on Dydd Gwener, Mawrth y Cyntaf (Friday, March 1st).  They have been really struggling with the words of Mae Hen Gwlad fy Nhadau (Land of My Fathers/National Anthem)  

That's your Welsh lesson over



Harry Secombe, Tom Jones,Max Boyce, yaki dah

Busy-Lizzie wrote (see)

"Just been catching up. After the Victor Meldrew clip was waiting for Geoff's news. Was it just that the sun came out? I thought he'd sold his house."


It was the Sun coming out-little things

Busy-Lizzie wrote (see)

OH gone to choir. Girlfriend coming round for supper and a chat.


OH has a girlfriend??-want to be a fly on that wall

Pennine Petal
Evening all, happy birthday Pam. Nice pics, big box, hols (big sigh, nothing booked, but thinking of coming down south IOW or Kent), Welsh (don't speak it but makes me think of home!).

Waiting for tea - left over cheese and potato pie.
Caz W

Well done Goldi .  Have a very happy (un)birthday tomorrow - hope there's some cake left for us


Dinner was not cottage pie - the chef couldn't be bothered so we had spag bol without the neighs and without the spag - fresh fussili instead still tasty

Trust you will be eating leek soup, cawl, and welsh cakes as well Caz

Caz W

As long as OH doesn't decide to wear the leeks

Deanos Diggin It

Borro Darr!  That's about as far as my "Welsh Wales" goes, n probably spelt wrong!


Plenty of cake left, I'm sure.

Too many peeps on Slimming World at work. All the more for us!

Pennine Petal
Just saw an ad for pay day loans, AIR 2610.15%!!!!! Wonder how much difference the .15 makes?!

Having had a meal out last night- daughter apologised - tonight was the macaroni, well penne, cheese over cauliflower. Ketchup of course. Now totally confused as that's normally Mondays' meal, but with me driving back somehow that all changed. Afters was low fat yoghurt with raisins & a satsuma for me & Greek youghurt with honey for daughter.

Now though back to my ususal Wed evening occupation- ironing. The washing nearly dry today so makes sense.

One of daugters' front room long curtains in the washer now. I just couldnt get the 2cnd one off it's hooks- combination of shorty me, who wont use very top step of step ladder, especially as was on my own in house at the time, & said ladders wobbling on the one side of the bay window.

Have another half day of gardening planned for tomorrow. Shall be Mrs Mop quickly first thing, until it's warmer outside. J.

Caz W


Near enough Deano - not many Welsh people do that well


Bunny ...

evening all


geoff  got sun .

cottage pie

cheese nightmares

non birthdays

payday loans

choirs..singing and girlfiends ..







Pennine Petal
We have a wide and varied discussion, that's for sure.

Cheese and potato pie eaten, as good as it was yesterday, learnt how to make it in school. Up here they make cheese and onion pie (in pastry). That's good too.
Caz W

Excellent summary Bunny

Just received this handy hint.  Do you always throw away those little clothes hangers with clips?  I do but will look at them differently from now on .....


Bunny ...
I like cheese n onion pasties. No tea had here yet...does cidre pear count?

I usse clothes pegs for re-closing food bags - excellent for the freezer.

No other use for them now as my flat has no outside drying space. I'll probably use them for holding stuff together on the lottie as well, when I can get on it.