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Miss Becks

I know. Just an idea at the moment though.

Bunny ...
Just start and see ...

Coo Becks - brilliant idea, Just go for it -get started and look into the administration when you have more of an idea - BUT don't tell anyone - plagiarism is rife especially in childrens lit.

My OH and his mate wrote a sit. com. once for TV - it was rejected. that was BM though (Before Me)

Is it this cold,or knitting or combination but my shoulder is killing last few days, already had that op o it where the scrape out the socket

A teacher at my school wrote, and one of thems OH was very successful at wrriting - he ended up doing a series.

Bunny ...
Is it the position you sit rosa, my mum gets like that with knitting a needlework ...and always tense with dad

Know where to come for advice with writing then

When look at sit coms out there ...need new writers

*forkers tales*

You could take this thread from page 1 and call it Manic Gardeners Tales, a good mix of humour with many gardening characters, giving advice and a laugh along the way - with some heart string tugging moments along the way

Well who's game?????


Miss Becks

Oh good Lord. It would get censored!!


Well after 10pm

Bunny ...
Haaaaa forkers sitcom after 10pm ...starring ...

For those who spend all day in garden or on lottie to wind down with

Dawn French, Miranda Hart, Whatsit Armstrong, Graham Norton 

Bunny ...
Spend time on lottie ? Does lottie mind being wound down on ?
Like gn , can't get with Miranda am afraid

Well you have to fit those to ones on here  Suggest some without naming us lot


Bed calls - we could carry on tomorrow I guess 

Bunny ...
Hehe Thursday thespian events night rosa

Chatted with my girlfriend (woman really) while OH was at choir and you lot wrote about 4 pages. Going to bed. Goodnightall.


Seems a bit late to be saying "evening all!"
Been doing school stuff. Had a catch up....I saw Big Ted,
Little Ted, Humpty and Jemima on Saturday! Hamble wasn't there but her replacement was, Poppy.
I was at Bradford film and media museum.
I had gone on a family trip out to see "The Hobbit" on the IMAX. Really enjoyed the film/ experience....not so keen on the lack of legroom.

Sunny here today but nothing done outdoors

Right, off to bed. No doubt will faff about so better head off there.
Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

It's going to be a lovely day (though this won't last). Would like to get another batch of seeds into the propagator, and also pot up some lily bulbs that arrived through the post last week. Also have a billion other jobs - that will need to wait.

Sue H
Morning all. Brilliant sunshine but very frosty. Will do jobs in house till warmer. Teenage daughter in bad mood as usual!! Up and down as ever. Got to build this cold frame too.
Bunny ...

Morning all , good to see some have risen from their pits

We have another brrrr -6 white but ohhhhhh so sunny , I aim to continue the sunny side of the garden ..creeping buttercup now , thank you farm field although less creeping more jumped in. Also have pots with ive forgotten what in ...hmmm.

Already mopped kitchen floor curtosity of OH spilling dogs water bowl everywhere


Awww hamble has been dumped ??? for popppppyyyyyyyy poor hamble. Though she always was a tad 'solid' compared to the others.

Need to finish re-reading the hobbit.

Ooooh cold frame noticed in aldi had baskets to plant up for bergonias, chillis, planters etc yesterday , I got a propagator kit ...not that i know what im doing with it