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Caz W

Afties all.  Am feeling a bit sad today .  Our dear friends and neighbours who have lived opposite us for the past 30 years have moved to Kent today.  I know we say we'll keep in touch, go and visit etc, but realistically it will only be a few times a year instead of a few times a week.  We already have the neighbour from hell next door down so whoever moves into friends' old house can't be any worse than that!  Anyway I might start sowing seeds today instead of tomorrow to cheer me up .


Hello all - just taken me ages to catch up (my fault for being awol for the last day or so!).

So, briefly - I've been to Tresco twice on holiday and to the Abbey gardens - stunning from what I can remember but it was a long time ago on family holidays and I didn't appreciate it enough!

I was a Brownie - a Gnome - nuff said!

I have an unofficial summer birthday as mine is very close to Christmas. I recommend it!

My brother has just texted me to say they're finally letting him out of hospital tomorrow. Progress at last. I may be collecting him, will find out later.

And I realised I live very close to Crocus. Their next open day is on 13th April. If anyone fancies going you can come to mine for tea and cake after!


Never mind Caz-one door closes etc

Sowing in February??-dont come cryng to me about leggy seedlings-unless they are like this


Caz W

Thanks Geoff!  Haven't we got a forum member called Leggi ???

Lottie - glad to hear your brother will be coming out of hospital and am sure he'll improve all the more for being home.

Bunny ...
Aww caz don't be glum ...seeeeeeeeeds... Come in to put bed on am too hot , scorching today
Good news lottie re brother. Really like this bday double idea...however OH will prob want one too being 21st dec grrrr.
Geoffs turned purple and dreaming of legs

Spirea gold flame ..can I move now while dormant ? Don't like where it is well am gonna

Cuppa required ...maybe a cake



 Cant wait to get out and cut the grass with my new mower.. lol

Caz W

Think I've got a bit of cake left somewhere too ................. 


Still got Christmas Cake

Now if postman were issued with mower bikes.......light goes in head


Just had some of my cake.... 

Caz W

Great mower Dave .  Found my cake too

Sue H
Aww caz sorry about your neighbours. Good neighbours are worth their weight in gold. Never know, may be really nice people moving in. Can only hope.
On another note, to self, absolutely never, under no circumstances, buy any more seeds this year. (And probably next too) if I were to sow them all would need to dig up entire garden and neighbours on both sides. =)
Caz W

Thanks Sue.  Another note to self - check what seeds you've already got from last year to avoid buying the same ones again this year

Sue H
Aww no Caz. Got dozens and dozens of different ones! Must have ocd near seed selling outlets!

Hi all.

Being Mrs Mop going very s l o w l y here, but doing it properly this time. Have done some phonecalls needed to do though. Need to find some work, wots that?, associated paperwork so can do something on-line asap.

Was planning to do some sorting out of big pots/planters this afternoon, but just not motivated to get out there today. No rush. Soil still bone dry/frozen so some jobs cant get done.

If anybody thinks am crawling around on knees clearing out the patio cracks of unwanted things whilst it's still cold, despite the sun, they can forget it. I will try & do before April, she says.....

Seeds- I now settle down with my seed tins etc between Christmas/NYr. I check what already have, want & need to chuck/compost- well into council bin in that case so no surprises from my eventual compost yrs later. J.


Miss Becks

Great news Lottie! Lets hope all goes well.

Know what you mean about neighbours Caz. My one side are darlings. They feed me as well!

Dave, I would love to give that a go! I'm actually dying to do mine as well. Driving me nuts.



My neighbours are great, one side are my best friends and the other is an old folks home so no trouble from them at all. 


You know you have out stayed your welcome when your name appears at the top of the 'latest posts' more than 6 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Can solve that one instantly.


In every street that is the "funny" neighbour-I think I might have that honour here


I think so too Geoff.