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Hoping for a tiptoe through the snowdrops, Have just remembered I've got to sort out OH's drawers tomorrow, too.


Hello Ben-better than Learning Slowly

This is the thread ,for the naughty kids with nothing to do, to waste their time-keeps us off the streets.

We need to get your avatared-don't like the pasty face look


Flo-do you need some fashion tips from the master?


I knew someone would misinterpret drawers and I wasn't getting good odds on who
The drawer runners in the ancient wardrobes are plastic which has degraded over the years and I've been replacing them with wooden ones.
Thehn again I suppose a fashion tip for Woman With Own Power Tools wouldn't go amiss.

Welcome Ben.  Glad you've dunlurking and joined in. If you're as loopy as some of us you'll get addicted to the banter as well as the gardening. I think Learning Slowly is a good name, btw.

Miss Becks

Just had Dinner! Nice and simple. Hotdogs and chips. rather enjoyed it actually!

Wecome Ben. If you hadn't got a hint of madness before, you soon will have with us lot!




Becks, I just read hedgehogs and chips  


Well makes a change from horse! I really must go and sort the Cubs out.

Hello Ben!


Cubs sounds even more alarming than horse!! Are we talking bear, otter, fox or a mixture of baby creatures

Miss Becks

Bit prickly for my taste Flo! You used to be able to buy hedgehog flavour crisps!


Oh golly gosh you have all been busy today

out for a day and so little has happened. Have just sat here with a note pad and pencil (sad i know) trying to catch up and make sure i know what is going on

Right here goes

G'day All

Sorry you are losing old friends Caz, let's hoope you get some lovely neighbours. All mine are great, there is one iffy one but we don't have aproblem with he and the army officer can be tricky some times

Lottie really good news about your brother

Dripping GH - hmm just keep an eye on your babies Becks

Welcome Ben (waving Smiley)

went to the Hollybush again and OH had a big moan about how much i was buying toll he saw how much it was.

Bought 3 different Lonicera nitida to attempt to make into balls, a coryopteris, love their flowers, A large pulmaonaria and geranium Sama bor - love them, and 2 little  polemonium and a knautia Phew takes a while to list any way tht lot came to £25 which i think is quite good.

May not have an excuse to go again as our business up there is more or less over now.

Snowdrop walk sounds lovely, 

Deanos Diggin It

Hi Ben!

Pull up a sand bag, we all have tales to tell,   n not a bad bunch to be honest!

Lottie! That's ace news!  I tend to find once people home, they seem to perk quicker! Hope all goes well! 

Caz! Not so good regarding neighbours, But as Geoff say's, Such is life!  Now go nick their plants! 

n having a sort in greenhouse out back, found a box I stashed under the staging, thought what's that! Forgot!  A box of plants I got from work a few weeks back! What an arse! Alsorts in it!, Ceanothus, campanula's, various ornimental grasses, a pearl bush, miniture Rhodies, camellia n a trachycarpus! 

Guess what I'm doing Sunday! 


Miss Becks wrote (see)

Bit prickly for my taste Flo! You used to be able to buy hedgehog flavour crisps!

Weren't they great? And hi and ty everyone, already worked out you lot are pretty bonkers! Still birds of a feather !!! (Hence why I'm here!)


Whoops - spelling seems to be playing up again He He


Bjay, I must know if your lovely wheelbarrow survived the trip up the road unscathed. I still haven't got round to buying mine yet, Waht speeling?

Miss Becks

Ben, what is your avatar? Can't see it properly.


Bunny ...
Evening ....hedgehog crisps yes remember those... Hello Ben , welcome amongst the madness
I'm the sensible one

Had to come in from garden it's too dark to see

Dog walk time, then shower ... I shall catch up soon ....
Miss Becks
Bunny.. wrote (see)

I'm the sensible one


Ben, if Bunny says she's sensible just take one look at the heart specs on the rabbit and judge for yourself


Looks like a skip Becks-one of Dean's ???

Bunny is on drugs

Miss Becks

I thought it was a skip. Full of dirt. There must be a story behind that one.