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Right, time to stop mucking about and get the belly dancing kit on.

Miss Becks

Go shake your stuff Flo!


Sorry, pardon, did you say something Bunny

Well that avatar certainly shows work in progress Ben Different.

I have sorted out my avatar for tomorrow now but it will only be for a few days.

Watch the little square

As Oh broke my bright orange barrow he wouldn't dare break my pink one


Flo I have seen one called a Barrow in a Box but am not sure how garden proof it is, might just been a gimic(is that how you spell it)


Perhaps it is where Ben sleeps when he is in trouble?

Good shopping Bjay

Do a wobble for us Flo

Dean -what a wally !!-do you want the wally hat?


Deano's "Diggin It" wrote (see)

Flo! Sensible shoes now!  

I'm gone.


Hello Ben. I'm the sensible one (boring!). Bunny's bonkers but often very cheerful.

Hello all. It was a lovely sunny day today and I had to go to Bergerac for a meeting and missed most of it. But stopped at another new GC, , on the way back and bought 2 blueberry bushes and a big sack of ericacious (spelling?) compost, more strawberry plants for the new bed, woven weed supressing stuff for strawb bed, a dwarf rhododendron (I killed my other one by not realising the hole in the bottom of the pot was blocked and it got waterlogged) and a red leaved loropetalum (killed the last one because of forgetting to bring it in for winter). Oh and some pea netting for the mange tout peas that I will sow soon. This gardening lark gets expensive sometimes, have to cut back on food!

Pennine Petal
Hellooooo! In from work not back in till Monday, WAHing tomorrow and back to dentist.

Also hello Ben and other recent newbies who I haven't said hello to, been cream crackered so not posted much. Have been keeping up though.

OH decluttering, all the old videos gone and computer disks from when we had a Tiny yonks ago. Hurray! Bit like an evangelist now.
Glyn (got an email today to Prof Glines)

It was lovely here as well Liz but I was also stuck in a 3hour meeting, no windows either. Still like you wnet to GC

OH always moans about the cost of compost and why he says do I have to have different sorts He s not a gardener but does dig holes and turn over and prepare beds to my specification of course

Pennine Petal
I envy those of you who have been out in the garden today, I have been stuck in an all day course validation ever, did get taken out to lunch though.

Welcome Ben, from another Brummie- ok I left in the 70s but so what!

My leg playing up again-drat. All because I was probably bending awkwardly when doing the Epimedium. Hop along around here now with much muttering going on. Still will be back on regular painkillers tomorrow again, so that should help.

Still to do the important stuff on-line, oops. Since nurse will be around lunchtime tomorrow, I shall do all the outstanding paperwork/computer stuff tomorrow morning. I know that I could get my act together & do it tonight, but dont want to. J.

Sue H
Hello Ben. Went to Birmingham quite a lot as older son went to university there. No one is insane on here. Everyone has a full set of marbles. Thats why I recently slotted in here!!


Deanos Diggin It

Right! My day is done! Gunna listen to a few Vibes! Have a few beers!  n call it a day! Very, very busy week commences next week n wanna get a load of stuff done this weekend! before it starts! 

Say goodnight n godbless all! 

Pennine Petal
Hey Ben, I lived in Brum when I was a student. Loved it.
Miss Becks

Night Deano.

I think we scared Ben off already.