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Morning Chaps-

Happy birthday goldie for yesterday or today-not sure which as there is no 29th

As it is St David's day-will prune the roses and tidy up the frontal area a bit

Max Boycie's to all

Sue H
Often difficult to understand whats gone on in the last 5 minutes! !
I too have a life. Off to get ready for shift at saltmines. May make a cake before. Chocolate I think.
Bunny ...
Quite a few dragons on here then ....

**sniggers and hides**

Morning Geoff , Becks, GG and Liz

Errr chilly outside brrrrr , where's my sun ?
Geoff ...tidying your frontal ??? Too much info

Chicken soup on the hob , will need it brrrrrr. Tidy up time then outside .
Have a good day at the saltines ...soon be leaving do
Gary Hobson

No need to attempt to read the thread from the beginning.

You see, this thread is just like life.

"Life is like arriving late for a movie, and having to figure out what is going on... and then being unexpectedly called away before you find out how it ends"


This thread is full of drama and tragedy and hope... the important bits that are so often mssing from many of the more superficial threads.

Miss Becks
Lyon Greene wrote (see)

This thread is full of drama and tragedy and hope...

Except for Bunny, where there is no hope!!!



Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyll-llantysiliogogogoch , is all I have to say today Finally back from the dreaded shopping, maybe I can get on with something now! Morning everyone.


Happy St David's Day to all.

I am not Welsh, but lived there for three years when I did my degree. And spent some happy holidays there when I was a sprog; being from the West Midlands it was only a drive up the A5 away. Haven't been there since I split up with last blokey, whose parents lived near Carmarthen. I miss the mountains sometimes - not many around here!

My neighbour has just knocked on the door to say he had my parcel from yesterday, after I had tried to track down where the delivery bods had it. Only a very cryptic card through the door.

Its my raised bed kit (I hope!).


Morning All

Happy St Davids Day. 

Avatar changing day and it took an age - didn't want to do it

Swimming has started again so have been and only sank once. Quite pleased with myself. but back feels a bit achey now. had BP taken and it was normal, all part of the funding for the swimming

Avatar looks a bit smudgy - don't know if its camera or SD card, Any ideas?

Loved Bunny in the big box  Wonder what else you'll find?

Phew! just in time - White Rabbits

Bunny ...
Dog olive had left her mini kong outside back door... Now in tiny pieces with teeth marks ...bin !
Gary Hobson

Not sure what you mean by smudgy. The daffodil image is a bit indistinst. But that's merely because the size is reduced to make a tiny icon. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the larger image. There can't possibly be any problem with an SD card. An SD card works, or it doesn't.


Thanks. Gary thought you might know. 

Is mini Kong a toy? Oscar has a donut from Christmas that I haven't given him - ugh the mess and the squeak before he'll  remove. But all his other toys are chewed so he'll have to have it soon it

Caz W

Afternoon Forkers everywhere

 Nice to see you in here Gardening Grandma - Geoff is really getting worried now as the Welsh contingent continues to increase

Gary - great picture of Bunny in the sentry box

Bunny.. wrote (see)
Dog olive had left her mini kong outside back door..


Word of warning Bunny, don't go holidaying in Malta!! The national dish on Malta is fenek, rabbit, usually served in a garlic and red wine sauce.

Gardening Grandma

Sounds good. A mini kong is a rubber chewable thing that you can put food into to keep the dog occupied trying to get it out.

Caz W
sotongeoff wrote (see)
As it is St David's day-will prune the roses and tidy up the frontal area a bit

As you know Geoff, I did mine the other week .  You will need a tidy frontal area to attract some viewers


Bunny ...
I've been to Malta disguise

Kong is a treat toy, stuff it , freeze it or whatever , keeps her occupied while I try and do things ... She likes to take things apart, I save OHs old slippers for that as firm favourite , likes to rip rope toys apart too and spit the bits out for me

Happy St David's Day to everyone. I've been to Llanfair PG. I also learned how to say it. I love Wales, so does my Mum - she was evacuated there during the war.

Goldi, happy birthday! I also did my degree in Wales. The bit of family history I'm researching at the moment is for a Welsh name but so far I've not found the Welsh connection - have traced it to Devon! Most of the people I've found have been living in London and home counties. Yesterday I got an email from someone who is distantly related to me - we have a common ancestor - in my case 5 generations ago.  

We got Alfie a kong (its a chewy toy) and within a day it had disappeared, I strongly suspect its in one of my raised beds!

Hello Ben, welcome to the madhouse.

Caz W

Lottie - I have a few ancestors from Devon too.  I think a lot of people used to come from North Devon to Swansea (short boat trip!) as there was so much work here in those days.  One of my lot were around South Molton but there were so many people with the same name it took some sorting out .  If you ever need anything looking up in the Swansea/West Glamorgan Archives just let me know.  I'm often around there as its the same building as the Library and practically next door to where OH works.


Part of my family went to S wales from wiltshire. Their name has been difficult to trace until you think about accents then you can see how it changed. Fascinating, have that branch back to the Commonwealth. It's my other bits and pieces that are proving brick walls!!!

One from Devon as well,

As far as I can tell a lot of people moved around the country.

I went on a course and she said it is fairly easy to trace the well to do and it is fairly easy to trace the paupers as they would be on 'the parish' and detailed records would have been kept. It is the hard working 'poor' that prove difficult as they did move around and left few records .


Caz, thanks for the offer! I've not traced anyone back to welsh Wales yet but I'll let you know if I do!