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More partial Welshness here though don't know how far back: maternal grandad was a Powell. My surname (ex OH's) is Davies which I usually have to spell whereupon the writer says 'Oh, Daveez,' and I, say no, Daviss, it's Welsh!'

BrummieBen wrote (see)

Word of warning Bunny, don't go holidaying in Malta!! The national dish on Malta is fenek, rabbit, usually served in a garlic and red wine sauce.

I'm also one eighth Maltese so perhaps that explains the liking for bunny dinners. Or the liking for Maltesers.

Gary, love the Phorkers Philosophy

Croeso Grandma!

Have tiptoed through the snowdrops. Pic. later.

Bunny ...
Invasion of the welsh ...bad as the Romans..

Just dug out with a lot of choice language my spireas , talk about root fest

Bet March 17th will be worse - bound to be lots and lots of Irish ancestry!

I have a completely out of control Bridal Veil Bunny - I think I'll leave it alone, then

Pennine Petal
Bryan Terfel singing to us on Classic FM now, am singling along, which you wouldn't want to hear. this Welsh woman can't sing a note. Risca MVC too, used to go to the Rising Sun in Risca (of Chartist fame)

Hello and welcome GG, always best to pitch in! We're very friendly,

Mouth coming back to life after dentist, trying not to dribble my tea.

No wonder you can't sing. Glyn, with a numb mouth!

OK, have picked out a couple of photos from the Snowdrop walk. Rather a grey day though the sun did appear for a little while. Looking forward to going back when things warm up - lots of stuff about to burst into bloom  

Moo moo and thrice moo, the uploader is not playing ball   I'll try again later.



Afternoon all-am happy to report my frontal area has been cut back and tidied up for the forthcoming season-there is still a bit of work to be done round the back

Jean and Sasha seen to have gone AWOL-hope there is nothing wrong

Bunny ...
They are probably avoiding your frontal.... Hearing of your rear needing sorted next ...

Ohhhh drippy tea

...and no snowdrop pics

Chicken soup and homemade bread scoffed, followed by last of cake

Need to ask OH nicely to lift said spirea into my truck now
Pennine Petal
Don't think a working mouth would help me, Flo!
Bunny ...
Pleased ain't just me then Glynn

I have a Welsh Dresser-does that count?

Glyn wot happened at the dentist-filling, extraction ,denture fitting ??


Bunny, I'm worried about your weight. You are always eating cake!


I bet that didn't come cheap Glyn

Pennine Petal
No, I'm on bread and water for a month, should do wonders for my weight!

My mum was a Powell 

Also had trouble uploading new avatar

Just done some real gardening, may go out after a cuppa and do a bit more. I have loosened soil and put a bag pf manure on the legumes bed. I have raked and walked on and then walked on again the brassica bed and then I sprinkled chicken pooh pellets and then walked and compressed again. Read somewhere on forum ages ago that brassicas prefer chicken. I like them with chicken as well

in doing this I found some sprouting garlic from last year so re-planted that in the odds and sods bed. In middle of garlic have laid some seed tape for carrot. Never used it before, also laid some parsnip tape. AND there is still time and daylight left

That has made me very thoughtful Gary



Stop thinking Bjay -it will make you head hurt-like my back at present- sooooooo out of shape

How come you can get a heart transpant for free-but tooths and eyes cost?


Have had a long hard look around the garden - had a panic about weeds(gone now) and my back said no more today when i was contemplating fireing up the wheelbarrow and doing the roses so oscar and I have come in

Now I'm bored

Gary Hobson

Right, it's St David's Day.

So, traditionally, we should have rabbit for tea.

Yes, Welsh Rarebit. Wiki says...

"The first recorded use of the term Welsh rabbit was in 1725. It may be an ironic name coined in the days when the Welsh were notoriously poor: only better-off people could afford butcher's meat, and while in England rabbit was the poor man's meat, in Wales the poor man's meat was cheese."


Rosa carriola wrote (see)

Now I'm bored

So am I


Bunny Is that March Hare or a March Bunny?