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aye was doing the rounds on the dreaded facebook last year, made me laugh though Dave.

Jean Genie

Greetings and salutations  I'm back with news .  Spent the last few days sorting out the spare room as our son has come back to live with us. Just circumstances and he's very welcome but just a lot to sort out. Nice to be back and hello to new forking folk

Hope all are ok . I'm missed you lot.

Now to catch up .


Welcome home Jean-was about to mount a search

You haven't spotted Sasha anywhere?

Miss Becks

Afternoon lovelies!!

Finally got to play outside and fix the little greenhouse in it's final position. Also been using some old fence posts as markers to work out all my new veg beds! All good fun.

Unearthed bricks under the lawn at the bottom of the garden. There are still loads more under there, but child stopped play! Complaining she was hungry!

Few piccies...... If any new posters are wondering why I have headboards round the tree, it was because I wanted to cordon it off from Jess last year! It was all I had at the time to do the job! It worked!





 And the big one is getting fuller each day!


Deanos Diggin It
If I said the air was blue in wonderland, that would be an understatement!

Tidy up! Beer time, then ponder on home!

Catch up in a bit!


Miss Becks

Oh no Deano. Not bad news? Catch you in a bit.

Deanos Diggin It
Don't ever build a summer house Besk's!

Nuff said! ; )

Becks -that is a good days work-you will pay for that tomorrow

Didn't realise how small that greenhouse was till you see it in place-the other one looks grand

Miss Becks

Told you it was tiny!! Those posts are only put down in place as a guide. The hard bit will be digging the whole area and removing the grass. Then sieving it all.


Still you have help

Dean is going to need comfort


g'day all

Went to Swindon to collect repaired caravan. As we were having a desperately needed mug of tea daughter rang, her car, which she had back from repairers yesterday has broken down. She is long way from home(work) and is going to try and get car there.slowly. Partner is at work so can we be on standby in case she needs rescuing. So we are waiting because she probably will

Becks really impressed with the work in your garden If you got some outdoor paint those bed ends would look a treat - done that Ditto Ben

Been lovely day and all I've seen are motorways

People at caravan place said they has a little snow first thing this morning.


Just got back from shopping trip to GC.

Oh phoned ahead to make sure they had got the growbags in stock that he need, same make he used last year, yes they had them in stock. We went 40 miles, not only for them, I hasten to add, only to find they had sold out. Apparently someone had just been in and bought the last 18 and they weren't having any more because the manufacturer had put the price up. Umm, very convienient, or am I being cynical. OH not impressed, still chuntering on. They had others at the price quoted to him this morning

Any way managed to get some other bits and pieces so the trip wasn't entirely wasted.

Garden looking good Becks, you'll soon be set for the big spring sowing.


Gary Hobson

Have just come inside. That was a lovely day. The temperature's dropping, so have brought tender plants into the house.

Impressed by Mistress Becks' ambitious designs. Sieving soil is very hard work (on the arms), though it does produce nice fine soil.


Miss Becks

Yes, Bjay! Had thought about painting them. That wire mesh will be coming out this year, and the smaller fence posts at the bottom. Those are just leaning up it for now, out the way, until I use them for something.

My first proper year Chris! Getting excited!

I'm not looking forward to the sieving Gary.

Pennine Petal
Afternoon all, back home now, toasted hot cross bun scoffed with a cuppa. Lovely sunny day in Huddersfield, dark and cloudy where I live. Tired out from talking to applicants, but there were some very nice ones.

Lupins - slugs always eat the flower stalks off mine, so have given up. I like Windsor Castle, lovely dark red.



Oh Yum - toasted Hot cross bun. Think I'll go and get one out of freezer. Shouldn't have said that Glyn(is)

I've got seives - back breaking and shoulder breaking Becks but really worth it. Start with the beds that are going to grow the earlier crops. Peas and beans can wait - if that helps.

Little and often 


 they are lots of fun, particularly with my soil!!! But, I certainly don't have to worry about Bingo-wings! Way I see it is bite the bullet first time and sort it, then you never have to worry again, hard, hard work for a few years, but everytime I start something, I ensure it'll just be mulching with compost, weeding and planting from then on! It's what keeps me going tbh!

Pennine Petal
Sorry Bjay. We had an applicant from Malvern. Near the show ground, I' m thinking about going to the Spring Show. Keep saying I will go and never made it yet.

No need to be sorry, as I don't know what for

See you there then I enjoy it, OH enjoys the local produce and the vintage tractors - bless

Have lots of pennies available though, 

Jean Genie

Not seen Sasha, Geoff but have seen mountains of washing , all sorts of blokey stuff and xxxp

I need to build an extension

Think I've just about caught up - I've only missed 2 days !

I have Skyfall to watch tonight  No spoilers - what's the general consensus ?