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Bunny ...
Ohhhh we've heard the mowers this week too

Wll you stick to your list ?

Still grey and bitterly cold here  I'm going to make some bread and a rhubarb and custard cake and do the ironing (it'll keep me warm), then maybe it'll be more like gardening weather this afternoon?

Bunny ...
Same here dove , think many layers and hat required today...still no sign of sun brrrr.
lovetogarden wrote (see)

Yeah Derek.

 No R or S required for now, The next thing we know there will be a drought especially here in the East of England

What's your usual weather conditions? in a normal year that is.


similar to yours +or - a day If you Google  "maps " I am a approximately west of the Isle of Man in the co of louth


Deanos Diggin It
Morning All

Having a typically "Lazy Sunday Morning"

Up n dressed, coffee in hand watching A to Z

Pottering in the back yard is on my agenda today : )



Who stole the sun?? Nevermind plenty of lawn to dig up


Sunless here too. I know it's going to turn up pm when I can't use it  Oh well, not so bad as when I was still working and only had the weekends.

Big Shop online done. Time for coffee.

Bunny ...

Ive taken some in progress pics of back garden..

1. re doing , planting more hellebores, re jig pond, new water feature , some trellis on fence for a rose idealy white, shed will be painted again (after being emptied and straightened) and room made for my things

, a false window and shutters on , some trellis and a climber of sorts added, and a window box

greenhouse area will become picket fenced off for my nursery bed .

 2 & 3 full sun , dormant at the moment, ive been swapping plants , removing, prepping. I still have a gap between bamboo and laurel not sure what im puttng there yet, more plants to go in.

The pergola is being extended to incorporate a swing seat , roses bought ready to climb around it

, more plants again for curvy bed.

Wall to repaint, deck to stain ....etc etc..


 Then there is still the side and all the front...

Now you know where i usually am...and still havent sown a seed..



Morning all

Have you not heard of Sunday-lie-ins??

Yesteday's sun has gone so a bit chilly-Tuesday looks a good day-going to play around for the first time in weeks-hopefully

Bunny-your garden is tiny-or is it the pictures?

I want to go to Liverpool-calm, calm down


That's a nice garden you have there bunny, nice to know I'm not the only one with a load of hard slog ahead! Can u upload the pics bigger? Currently they are only 124x166 pixels so even when u click them they stay small :/

Bunny ...

I took first ones with ipad..


 See what these are like ..


Bit better-what is wrong with the camera??

Bunny ...

Pics load onto our computer fine , and pics from camera onto our website ... so ???



This is a pic I took when we demolished the old chicken shed some time ago. I really took it for the picture of the cat just eyeing up a jump onto the fence from the top of a statue.

 We replaced it with this, it's now covered with grape vines a. wisteria and clematis oh and a climbing rose


 other side showing veg garden

 Lokks like you have got one hell of a job on there Bunny








Bunny ...

Tried the resizer ..

makes less clear though

I give up



We can click on those pictures Bunny to enlarge them-in fact we can zoom as well


 Before picture - veg garden

 Today after I have prepared beds for this year. Where th wheelbarrow is will be another raised bed, probably order it within the week

As you can see piles of rubbish everywhere - work in progress!

the middle bed has my garlic growing happily in it - just not shown up

By the greenhouse I am going to dig out grass fro a cold frame and nursery area. That will help fill new raised bed.

Bunny ...
So ...I shall mind on to use re sizing tool we use for website

Wow we've gone pics mad today