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Bunny ...
Chris lovely veg patch and pergola ,that's kinda what I'm after added to pergola we have but with swing seat.

Rosa great to see you've been busy...def work in progress too
Pennine Petal

Afternoon, had a lie in, a bit tired after the 6 day week. Read my book, toast and tea in bread courtesy of OH. Just catching up on A-Z of gardening, contemplating whether I will go outside or not. Looks cold and breezy. Decided not to do snowdrop walk after all. Learning about ivy at the moment, I still have some in a vase from Christmas. It's the one with the flowers and black berries that bees and insects like. Thinking about putting some on the back fence. Think I might try a standard too.

Lot's of nice garden pics today, mine is a mess, need to set to!

Happy gardening! I wonder if we could have some sunflower smileys?

Miss Becks

Afternoon Lovelies!!

I am LOVING all the garden pics. I am such a nosey mare!! But it's great cause when we're all talking about stuff in our gardens, we have a vague picture of what everyone is talking about. Thankyou!

I have started the digging of the veg beds, but keep getting called in.

Gary, I did exactly the same regarding 'Lost' I watched the first series (which I've just finished re-watching), but it sort of got silly in the next one if I recall, and I stopped watching, but I'm giving another shot.


Just come in for a bacon sandwich 

Am currently putting rosd feed and horse manure mix around roses. Seem to have more than I thought

Love that pergola Chris, Such a haven to eat in Great

Becks This year I am growing veg in blocks, look more attractive as well. you can grow them closer, so each block will be 2ft. square. I have never got the hang of successional planting so am going to try this year and i thought blocks might make it easier

Gary Hobson

I'm well impressed with all of those garden photos, especially Chris's (from last Summer), with climbing roses in bloom etc, and what a veg patch.



Just come back from the allotment, where I built my new link-a-bord raised bed with hoop thingies. These things are not a lot of fun single-handed.

Other people have a lot more done down there, but they are mostly retired. Looking forward to retirement next January.

Now I am going to the pub.....because I can! |_P

Cooking huge family lunch- leg of lamb with provencal stuffing, creamed cannellni beans, purple sprouting broccoli, carrots, spring greens and roast spuds. Pudding lemon syrup tart with rhubarb sauce. Trouble is, I think I'll be too knackered to eat it!

Finished roses - phew - shows how out of condition I am as well.

Pink wheelbarrow came into its own as I could put all i needed on it and trundle around, instead of having to make loads of seperate trips .

26 roses - even I'm impressed.- just need to make sure they flower now

Went to Morrisons this morning and they have several varieties of magnolia for £6, bought a stellata, the one I have is very sad, threw it away once, saw a bud so rescued i tbut think i should have thrown it. I will leave it in and plant new one alongside it

Miss Becks

Digging, sieving and a 'helpful' 4 year old do not mix!!

Figrat! That sounds absolutely yummy!!! I'm not doing Sunday lunch today. Forgot to buy potatoes. We will have pork steaks, chips (frozen) and beans!! A Royle Family dinner!


Chris your garden look so neat and tidy- and so productive

A lot of us have a lot of work to do

Pennine Petal
Lazing about, watching Spiral, no gardening done.

loads of gardening done, definately out of shape, I feel like I have been run over.. lol

Pennine Petal
Dave, you need to take it easier, It's supposed to be a pleasure!

Planted a gooseberry that has been in pot since it arrived at Christmas. Also investigated a hydrangea that i bought last year for white border only to find the white flowers turn pink as they mature So sort of ignored it. any way did that test on stem and it showed green so have plonked it in by neighbours shrubby fence. It's an area I plonk things in if not sure about them, if it survives it will also be its home. a sort of wild area, it will never b cleared but has very attractive ivy honeysuckle clematis and bulbs so may perk it up with hellebores next year. I am purposely leaving it without a plan

Backs sore now, but not quite finished, mug of tea time

Sue H
Oh no. Have decided that my garden looks like a before Everyone has such beautiful gardens. Still trying though. Bunny did you build that retaining wall. Was it easy. Need one myself.



Well, the sun came out a bit so I went out and tidied up the clematis and rambling roses, hoed the herb garden and watered the lettuces under the big cloche - I also had a very careful peek in one of the hedgehog houses - definitely occupied  .... and I've made the week's bread and a Rhubarb & Custard cake, and there's a shoulder of lamb boulangere in the oven and a bottle of Rioja just coming up to room temp   It'll be ready about 7pm - anyone hungry? 

Pennine Petal
Mmmm that sounds good Dove, is it easy to make? Rhubarb and custard cake that is.

Mine is very much work in progress. This is how I started

 Well it was worse than this but it gives you an idea

And you can't see beyond the ppath where we gained about 10ft dowm the side when bramles were cleared

Pennine Petal
Thank you, I will definitely try it next time the family comes around.