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Finished with papers-still watching TV-coffee and digestives now

Bunny ...
Watched a film..bit of weird one

OH watching meteors now ..
Bunny ...
Night Geoff , il be there soon. Well not lol.

'night Geoff, I'm also going to bed, been a busy day, going to snuggle down with a good book and hot water bottle. arhh, you can't beat it.


Bunny ...
Night Chris, my eyes too tired to read .

Evening all, back from weekend with son. Saw some of you had sent garden pics. Like looking at people's pics. Here's some of my garden last spring, gives me hope. Looks nothing like this at the moment - it's a brown and depressing mess!



Think I sent this one before, couldn't find the one I wanted to send. Now I have 6 grandchildren computer is getting overloaded with photos. Need to do something about it.

Sue H
Looks amazing. Right ready to dig all mine up. Will get OH up and moving. Good at digging. Irish roots. Just needs telling.
Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

A bright day forecast, and considerably warmer tomorrow. On the Sky News weather forecast this morning, they actually said 'tomorrow will be a good day for you all to get out in your gardens'.

More slab moving, more bamboo moving, more planting out planned.

But my garden is not a prison camp, with hard labour. I'll be knocking off around lunch time, and spending the afternoon in the deckchair.

Lyon Greene wrote (see)

....A bright day forecast, and considerably warmer tomorrow. On the Sky News weather forecast this morning, they actually said 'tomorrow will be a good day for you all to get out in your gardens'.....

That's because I'm back to work tomorrow 

Bunny ...
Morning Gary

Mines more prison camp with amount of work only 'to do ' list

Lovely garden Liz **sighs at amount of work I have to do**
Sue hehe ..I have Irish roots , must explain the digging

Beautiful morning thought we wold all be up and out there , slight frost but 1degree and rising whoooop. Will be out there as long as poss but a run about with vans today grrrrr, still hope to get...
Last of back garden edging done and turf collected
Potting on done creating room for seeds
Planting in of couple plants I moved
Sart seed sowing

Possible a tad ambitious

I'd like to get pergola painted too but pushing it .... volunteers welcome

Work today, but I might manage a half hour's digging the allotment on my way home now the evenings are getting lighter.


Morning All.

Lizzies, what a lovely garden! I have got loads of  photos  on my PC but am putting a lot of them onto discs.  I love looking at other peoples gardens, do quite a lot of open garden visits during the year, always learn such a lot and get some good ideas.

Don't over do it Bunny, be like Gary and have a rest this afternoon, I doubt I'll be able to carry on all day, but once you get started it's difficult to stop.



I spent all day in the garden yesterday just pruning back the overgrown Ivy, I have to dig out around 10 trees aswell (all self seeded and in the worst possible places). Then its digging out a new curved border roughly 7ft by 70ft and preparing a dead lawn (under shade of a tree) for some new grass seed. And (he says excitedly) picking up my new petrol mower today)..


Bunny ...

Morning Chris , Dove, Goldi...

I shall be driving around this afternoon too Chris  ...guess that will give me a break .....but may just call in on mums lovely garden as we pass.... get my eye on some cuttings


Morning Dave , Goldi and Dove..

We need a new mower, but we have only got a tiny amount of lawn now so it will be a small electric one.  Will keep the old one until it conks out, won't be long by the sound it makes.

Bunny -Cuttings are always appreciated, I usually take some for my daughter as she is establishing a new garden. Will be dividing some plants later this morning so will be giving them to her as well.

It's great that the evenings are getting lighter, only a few weeks to the clocks being altered, yippee.

Enjoy your day folks.


Gardening Grandma

Morning all. Not a great day here in Wales - grey but not freezing. Going to garden centre today to invest in hellebores. Have been puzzling over why not all are flowering - then realised that some are just later flowerers although I bought them in the same consignment of ten young plants a couple of years ago. Solution - spend money! It grieves me and will deefinitely grieve OH!

Sue H
Morning all. Love looking at other peoples gardens too. Try taking a ride on the top of a double decker bus. Worth it to peek into peoples gardens. Also see loads more than when driving yourself.

Morning forking folk! East Dorset also under a chilly grey blanket. I'm in a meeting all morning but really hope for a little sun pm.

Dave - boys' toys! Such fun

Liz, sorry to be a nag and apologies if I'm teaching grandma to suck eggs, BUT, with all your photos of grandchildren on the computer, have you got them backed up somewhere? After a friend's bad experience, I now do a weekly backup of files onto a memory stick.