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Thanks Ben but we have 3 metal and 1 plastic already just not sure what that will do to my shoulders. We sifted 3 large raised beds of soil everyone pitching in - now that was hard work. Going to order another eaised bed as Harrod seem to have a deal on this week  and it's where I bought the other 3.

Just booked another holiday  An attempt to bring whole family together for a weekend. meeting half way near Ashbourne, unfortunately middle son won't come but we now know better than to interfere. He may then change his mind. We will be there for a bit longer than a weekend because we can 


Something arrived for me!!


 It's brilliant, already turned one dalek, took like 10 mins, as long as you don't go crazy and try to lift the whole heap first go, very effective too. Can't recommend highly enough, thank you FigRat. Stainless too and nothing to go wrong, very happy when I buy a tool and realise it's basically for life!


Hello anyone who's having a quick break and a peek. I've come in from a garden that I would actually describe as 'not cold'!!!!!!  And pleased that I've finally got the root of the pyracantha out  I did fall over on my upholstered rear and non-upholstered elbow at the finish but a bruise or two is worth it   The old overgrown bed and crazy paving path is now gone and ready to be smoothed out to re-site the chicken ranch and lay some slabs alongside. Off to the hairdresser in a mo. so enforced rest - probably a good thing.

See y'all later



Just come inside. The sun has certainly got his hat on today but there is still a chill in the air.

Have weeded and lightly dug around fruit bushes and have dug around fruit trees which was hard work as there was soil to be cleared of couch grass after bloke who laid path had finished and soil that needed to be levelled. I now have a small pile of surplus soil that i will save for new raised bed, along with other that is around the garden.

I have quickly pulled a cultivator through the fairy bed (no plants yet) to loosen the soil. Have planted hellebore bought the other  day and turned the 2 compost bins that are cooking.

And now shoulder is saying ehough so I am going to have a mug of tea and then a bath.



--have been a gardening bunny

The dahlias are now in trays,the area for the beans has been turned over and home made chicken poop added-the geraniums are in the greenhouse-but will be covered up at night or brought in and the begonias that are in the spare room are showing pink buds

Sun has shone-luvverely in the greenhouse-cool in the shade

Back aches-got 11 holes in the morning


Caz, some years ago, before I met 2nd OH and was struggling with big garden and woodland, I bought a long handled battery driven chain saw, Black and Decker.It's been absolutely brilliant and it still works after masses of use. Easy and light enough for a woman. So I hope your OH enjoys his new toy.

Come in for tea break. Clearing and manuring new onion patch, potato patch, mange-tout pea patch and spinach patch. Then will all need rotavating.  Sowed first batch of seeds this morning in propagaters, tomatoes, Ageratums, Penstemons, French Marigolds. Re-connected GH electricity, runs by overhead wire to garage, but we unplug it when not in use. Heater works  I recycled Cassie's (border collie died 2yrs ago) plastic dog basket. It's in the GH with a warming cable buried in sand in it. When seedlings come out of propagaters they go in there to keep them cosy at night. Very windy, but sunny - hot in GH. 


Meant to say congratulations for the pyracantha Flo. Not a nice job.

Gary Hobson

Am very envious about chain saws on poles. I use a pruning saw on a pole, which can be hard work. It only cuts branches upto about 4inches, but I use it a lot. Thinking about a possible purchase of an electric/battery one.

That was a lovely day.

Plan your work, and work the plan. That's just what I did.

I planned to stop work at lunch time, and spend the afternoon in the deckchair. So spent the afternoon sitting in the sun, pleasantly reading Carl Sagan's Contact.


Everyone has been very industrious today, I've been in about a hour after sorting the two remaining borders with help from my beloved he does the heavy work and carts the compost about.  Just got to finish up tomorrow with the fertilizer and top compost, them all ready for more plants. Rose pruned, clematis sorted, feel quite happy something really satisfying about a day in the garden!

Now to get something ready for tea. Think it will be leftovers, chicken and veg from last night, too tired for anything else, then an evening in front of the TV, might treat myself to a G & T.

Bet you're glad to see the back of that pyracantha Flo.

Deanos Diggin It

Evening All!

Sounds very much like everybody as been Busy, Busy, Busy!

Sue H
Deano. Hi. Can not inbox you on this tablet. Can you in box me with an e mail address? This tablet certainly does have its restrictions.

Evening Dean

Did have a chainsaw for a day one did what I wanted it to do then it broke and got the money back-which was nice

Dinner time soon

Deanos Diggin It

Wll do Sue!

Yo Geoff!

I have a garage full of such gadgetry!


Sue H
Could do with a massive saw. Having a fight with conifers from hell growing from a neighbours garden. Would like to cut it all back and put fence panels up.

REclining on settee  Lap top on lap Waiting for my dinner - chicken Stir Fry Hairy Biker style

To be honest having a job keeping my eyes open

Seems to be going cold now, Brrrr

Shoulder not happy. It's only in last couple of weeks, I thought it was the cold but......

Planning tomorrow in garden now - only the afternoon -and have sorted out seeds to sow on wednesday when they say it could rain 

Counted up and I have 27 roses, quite surprised how many, as they seem to take up no room at all

Bunny ...
Looks like you've all been busy . I've got nothing done of what I wanted, rubbish rubbish day, stressful and pants ...that's all.

Been busy in bradford today Dean?