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Caz W

Glad to see your balls are being shown off too Deano

Bunny ...
Bit concerned about the large long structure

Your balls will look good out there

. Having seen your lottie look forward to what you do there as well

Bunny ...
Think I may possibly have convinced OH to have day off tomo.... Hope ! 14days on trot not good and he has seen what stress did to my dad .... Aaaagggghhhhhh

Good luck with that Bunny

Sometimes stress means that people just don't  see the need for a break - voice of experience here.


Caz W

14 days without a day off is not good for him Bunny - a lie-in tomorrow and a bit of gentle gardening is just what the doctor orders!  (There was a doctor with the same name as me on that programme about meteors last night)

Bunny ...
My dad had stroke after 40+ yrs of stress, now dementia ... As characters they are very alike , which he knows.
Working from home is harder than you think ..

Awww caz , I didn't see much of it ...

Dr Rock
Dr Mooooon
Dr space


lol dean, loads of deck to rip up.. if it's anything like mine, it's murder for slipping, planning on having it all gone tbh, esp with 2 under the age of 5.. decking looks great, it is a shame it's actually a nightmare, even in full sun, come winter time, a real hazard, how many folk in to hospital from slipping on decking to get a fractured hip? Decking is rubbish unless it has something over top to aid grip, then it looks rubbish, so decking.. meh... no.


bah.. killed everyone.. you all have decking?


gah hardest call in the world.. cat I've owned since july 98 is going to have to be put down :/ In 2011 vet said he had lymphoma, had a swelling in the neck, stopped him eating, almost breathing, should be put down.. I asked for a biopsy.. no cancer, but he had a brachial cyst. It basically is a cell or two left over from the embryo stage that makes fluid. The fluid builds up til it strangles the airway. Myself and the missus are both nurses, and the cat being good with me, will tolerate us draining the fluid when it builds up to the point it's hampering his airway and oesophagus. We have noticed the last 2 years that the draining needs to become almost every week. Now we get nothing aside from blood.. it's the end of the line.. I don't want him to suffer,  so I'm going to get it done next few days.. 14 1/2 years, bugger stole half my bernard matthews turkey roast first xmas while i was on the phone.. gah.. stole my heart too.

Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

I'm up extra early this morning. Fed the birds, it was light, with a lovely moon (half full). It was frosty, but no more nightly frost (at least of major significance).

So I've got a busy morning planned. Want to get some stuff that's been in the greenhouse planted out; to make room for some baby seedlings. Planting needs to be completed today as rain is forecast for the next several days. Also want to unwrap some plants that have been wrapped up for the Winter - dahlias and such.

Keep busy. But don't work too hard. And take frequent breaks for refreshments, and checking your computer, etc .

Pennine Petal
Ben, it is so hard when that happens, but the cat must be in pain. They become such good friends and you have to treasure the time you have had. I cried all the way to the vet with my Siamese. Think that he will be out of pain.

Morning Gary, sounds like you have been busy! Eating my porridge and off to work shortly. Heavy frost here.

Have a good day all.
Jean Genie

Morning Glyn and Gary, Back to it today  No frost here and the beginning of a lovely day.

Starting some more seeds off today and hopefully weeding the rockery.

It seems like ages since we had the R word - my supplies are running a bit low but have got enough for my carnivorous plants for now.

Have a happy gardening day , forkers.

Bunny ...

I fell asleep Ben ...on couch...very rare for me , like never ????
We have large decking from double kitchen doors, yes watch it gets slippy but on sloping land , in need of drained retaining wall to hold clay back we needed something ...I like it , wouldn't have wanted to pave it all ..or gravel it.
Sorry about your cat , I'm dog person but understand the attachment we get with pets , very sad .

Morning Gary , good on your feeding early , -5.5 here at the moment brrrrr, all white outside.
Morning Glyn have a good day at work .

I won't be removing turf edges with that frozen ground today, shall shift what I can without damaging back further. Having called at parents yesterday , need more structure (height) , so my original plan is back in my mind ????

A big day in the garden planned today, OH said I will be up at 8am to help and will await your instruction. Today mostly I will be playing god in the garden, lol...


Sue H
Ben sorry about your cat. Mine too had to be put down last year. Was 19. Known him longer than OH or 2 younger children. They were very upset too!! Burried him in garden.

Its awfull when a pet dies, well they aren't really pets for most people, they are one of the family. I hate to see when people hurt animals and get off with such light fines etc. If somone hurt my dog I would (well lets just say I would). I hope you gave him a good send off Sue H and BrummieBen

Bunny ...
Awww sue

How old is your dog dave ?
Sue H
Got two rescue cats now. Both lovely, but do not replace old cat. Used to lie flat out in the middle of the coffee table. Everything going on - didn't move. Was a character! !