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Bunny ...
Hahaha sue , can imagine that ...

Morning chaps

Sorry about the cat Ben-never a nice thing but often the kindest

Frost here-sun is shining -it will be good day

Sue H
Aww lovely dog Dave. Handful though. Looks cheeky.

Morning all. Sorry about your cat Ben.

Going shopping then having pizza in town with OH. Howling gale here, but mild.



She is extremely well trained and likes to sleep as much as she can, she hates it when I wake her up in the morning to go out to the loo, but she goes on command so its tough (unless its raining, in which case I can sod off) . Then she's straight back to bed until 3ish.

Bunny ...
Lol mine 2 1/2 dave and doesn't like to do anything other than what she wants mostly she likes sunbathing, sighing.....eating
Bunny ...
Morning Liz, Geoff

Liz keep your wind to yourself please

Up early Geoff

Morning peeps. I feel like the lazybones this morning with loads of forkers upandabout already.

Ben, so sorry to hear about puss.Sad days. It's good to remember what a good life you gave him.

Cold and sunny here. Have no strenuous garden plans as visiting chiroparactor at 10 and don't want to undo his work - well not straight away... and not at that price   If my purse can stand it I think a visit to GC is in order - and it's oldies discount day at my nearest so it must be done

Geoff, I would like some clues to yesterday's mysterious messages. Were you stuck on a crossword?


Bunny ...
Ohhhhhhh 18th hole n all that nice day for it, sunblock and hat required

Geoff I tried another akebia pic , not sure if any better

Flo-was trying something-epic fail-trust you are wearing beige

It is 9 holes Bunny but we do the last 2 again

Will have a look at pic later-just waiting for my chauffeur


Bunny ...
Is that not cheating ?

As long as beige is a shade of purple I shall wear it, Geoff. Have fun in the sun

Bunny ...
Thank god you arnt wearing beige Flo

Wonder if Geoff has his plus fours on


Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

Are we all ready for the heatwave today! I'll pack the picnic, and cut off the crusts on the sandwiches! Hope everyone else is going to contribute! I can't feed us all!

Bunny ...
sounds a great idea , I shall bring cakes and lemonade and a sun brolly for the burn easy folk

Going to have one last attempt to aspirate at the vets.. Thanks for all the kind words, and tbh I've had an 'extra' 2 years out of the silly old sod as it is, because the vet originally said 'cancer' 'best to put him down'. It's a lovely day, and I still have that lawn to remove, best get out and get on!

Miss Becks

Ooh, Bunny, lemonade!! I hope it's not that sugar free, low calorie crap?! Is it home made??

Bunny ...
The turf will keep your mind busy Ben

Of course homemade .... Yuck yuck low cal, no sugar anything