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Sorry to hear about your cat, Ben, ours is about 16, we think, she's 3rd hand so not sure. Heartbreaking when you have to part with them, but the kindest thing.

We are going to the tip shortly with all the stuff we took out of borders yesterday, green bin isn't due to be collected until last week in March. the powers that be that organise these things are obviously not gardeners. Foggy and frosty here so gardening will have to wait until it warms up. I'm a bit of a wuss, don't like the cold, plays havoc with my hands.

Can we have crisps and sausage rolls please Becks? I love a picnic.


Sorry folks, forgot to say good morning So good morning all.


Miss Becks

Absolutely Chris!! I'll put an assortment of flavours in!

Good morning all

Warmest day of the year so far so we're off to the allotment for the day, I'll bring some lemon drizzle cake to the picnic if that's ok.
Miss Becks

That would be wonderfully scrummy Leggi!!



Morning All

I love apicnic - I'll bring scones and cream and jam, and sausage rolls

Been to WW  at last

Bought some more seed compost. eady for rain tomorrow (sowing day)

Sorry about your cat Ben - I have 2 - neither are techinically mine - one was daughters, one was M's - Mine is a big soppy mix breed dog.

We tried to take a photo of M cat for her to look at but they all came out looking evil (which she is) so didn't bother.

Bunny it is odd that you said you are going back to original lan because that is what I have decided yesterday in one area - job for autumn now. Sorted out planting plan last night.

Right off to garden now pop in later



Crudites - if anyone fancies a bit of fruit and veg. - and creamy dips if you want to throw caution to the winds

Have been to GC and seen lots of plants I like but as I have several shrubs from last year still to be sited I was sensible and didn't succumb to temptation. Was disappointed not to see the same selection of arbour seats as last year because I was going to buy one. Phoned the bigger version of same GC, even they have only one more so it's not worth the petrol to go up there   Oh well, don't suppose I'll get much time to sit about anyway

Bunny ...
Mmmmmm I'm ready for picnic it ready it ready, lembo ready and chilled mmmmmmm

Got edges finished just to collect it all now and heap up somewhere .
Lol rosa ... Yes thought oooh a lot of work but hey , keep me outta mischief , bit at a time though ... List already a mile long
Bunny ...
Lol Flo

Flo re seats have you looked online ..loads nice ones

Flo - my bum is still bigger than that but thanks and I resisted a treatcake as well

I think I could make a fortune selling clay to potters, cos it's driving me potty!!

And I'm only clearing so I can lay a couple of slabs to make a path.

Bunny when we moved in the back of the garden was going to be a shrubbery with a summer house, The first part of it was planted up. When M lived with us it was very obvious that I would need somewhere for me to escape so it was all planned - plants, house chosen etc when M had a series of strokes and then broke her hip so ended up in a home. so the next stage of it was shelved I don't think I will have the summer house now but the planting plan when I looked at it last night looked good. As I said this autumn's job.

Lunch now then back to the clay 

Sue H
Rosa when you have some m cat. Sure local kids will all be down with you.

Thanks, Bunny. I've had a peruse online - loadsa choice! The only trouble is, I really want to sit on it, feel the quality of the product etc. Oh well, nothing for it, will just have to visit more GC's

Caz W

Afternoon everyone   I am taking Gary's advice and having a few more rests in between jobs as I did too much yesterday and my back is protesting!  Have been chopping away at the dogwoods and trying to get rid of a vinca (easier said than done). 

Ben, I'm sorry about your poor cat.  The older they are the more difficult it is to part with them, it's a tough decision but you are doing the right thing.

About this picnic - is anyone bringing a flask of coffee?  If not that's what I'll bring along with some jam tarts.

Happy gardening (and golfing)


Bunny are you having a more restful day today?

No what you mean Flo, I prefer to feel things before I buy so to speak

Clay pit beckons . Back later



There seem to be  a lot of muppets around on the forum today 


Am back -everything aches and can hardly walk-so unfit-ended up playing 13 holes and it was really warm in that sunshine

If we are having a picnic-will need help getting down and help getting up again-but there is Mcvities ginger cake available and still Christmas cake-will bring the last 2 crackers

Going to "walk" around the estate now

Bunny ...
Is kermit there ? one on our front at the moment talking to OH

Restful errrrr nope , removing more turf ... The original plan !!!! Lol I'm currently under hawthorn hedge ..hmmm

Sounds like your plan will be taking shape

OH will to do more structure and has suggested having mini pergola round shed up to greenhouse (my area) so I can plant up posts etc disguising shed, the extension of pergola and bed also is now gong to be bigger and also attach an arch leading to another bed to break the slab of grass up

Just had sarni , throat killing me ..glands? Ughhh must be reaction to the heat haaaa.
Cuppa tea and more turf to shift. Neighbour back in...hoping not to chat hehe maybe if I'm too busy she won't

Not sure how long eccentric Tom o'shanter white beard man will be here for , OH trying to cut a roof out
Bunny ...
How big was that christmas cake Geoff ?
I shall bring an easy chair for creaky ole Geoff

Just seen the first frog of the season in the pond, it must be nearly Spring.

Feel sorry for you forkers with clay soil, it's a b****r to deal with. I've got to do a few jobs in front garden so am hoping I don't see neighbours too, you sometimes can't get away, and I really want to get on, but don't want to appear antisocial

I'll bring a pork pie for the picnic and mustard, oh and I like scotch eggs and a bit of salad,  not too much don't want to be too healthy ,sounds as if we will have a feast.