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Came back from shopping, didn't stay for lunch as my little mare didn't look right this morning, only to find couldn't get back down the track (1km long) and a big tree had blown down in the gale. Had to go and find farmer with tractor and chain saw. Now waiting for vet as mare off colour. Too windy to do much in garden. Should do housework, place looks like a tip, dog hair on floor and friends coming for lunch on Sunday so needs to look better by then.


Bath chair needed Bunny

Has anybody mentioned crisps?-quavers and walkers squares are my favourites especially with pork pies-not keen on scotch eggs -somehow the combination doesn't cut the mustard

Bunny ...
Lol Geoff as long as we arnt bathing you too

Mmmmm quavers , pork pie with pickle please ...

Need a brew this turf removing lark is tough but going well
Bunny ...
Aww liz house sounds like mine

Hope mare ok

After being in the clay pit for 2 days can I have achair as well please

Well when are we going to put all this in cyber lockers?

Not at oment though as a bit mor to do.

 Clay pit - some was top dressed and done before winter but wet weather got in way of finishing it. Next time I get out I am going to stamp a path - it's clay -and lay a couple of old slabs so I can weed central bit


Miss Becks

Bjay! Are your trees drunk???


Yep - cyder trees (apple and pear) (hic smiley)


Like the outside bathroom

Is the mare ok Liz?

Gary Hobson
lovetogarden wrote (see)

Just seen the first frog of the season in the pond,

Several here too, being noisy, croaking away. Took a couple of snaps. Haven't looked at them yet. I'll post them tomorrow morning.

Just popping outside again to do a bit of tidying up....collecting flower pots etc. Am tempted to cut the grass. The grass is dry and relatively short. In a few days time it will be wet and growing fast. But it's too late in the day for me to start that job.


Busy Busy Forkers!--wish I could make it to the picnic!

Not picnic weather here--grey damp and chilly again, but no frost. Finished my deck railings yesterday, so looks like it's back to knitting today.

My friend goes into hospital for her op today--hope she comes out of it. She has put all her affairs in order, just in case. After all, she is 89.

Sorry to hear about poor puss--I still miss my Deedle. Thank goodness for my 2 dogs--have had at least one cat for 30 years.


Heard little rrrrrk rrrrk noises while I was cutting down big grass (I always leave it a bit late and end up with squared-off leaves on the new growth). Anyway, it was frogs frolicking in the pond and there's quite a bit of frogspawn. Late for my pond, I was beginning to think my froggies had abandoned me.


Hello Inka. We're having the second and last day of sun today - back to rain tomorrwo so may well be knitting too!

What a glorious day it's been, I bet there isn't a gardener in the country without a smile on their face, well, apart from the poor ones stuck in offices. Finished staining my carrot and potato planters today but managed to stain my hands too, have a seriously orange case of Essex hands. Managed to blob a load down the OH's leg too, which was fun.

Pie and mash for tea.


Jean Genie

Afties / Evening  Very productive day and only just come in . 2 more borders to go and I'll nearly be sorted. Dogs tooth violets looking well - all through so just top dressed the pots and had a good weed and hoe. May do some more seeds tonight or may not. Didn't take Gary's advice so I'm aching everywhere so going to immerse myself with my friend Mr Radox.

So sorry about puss but sometimes it's the kindest thing. One of ours was 18 when it happened to us but we have some happy memories .

I've got nothing to bring to the picnic  Far too nice to go shopping so have got the begging bowl out  Sharies ?


Jean-no -you will have to pay a forfeit before sharesies are allowed-what is your party piece?

Omelette and chips


Omelette and chips is an interesting party piece - do you juggle with them, or what?


Oooooh noooooooo!!!! I let myself in for that one, didn't I