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Right, time for me to eggsit. The eggsplanation: it's time to feed dogs then off to yoga for an eggistential eggsperience.

I'm now chickening out of thiis banter.



Haven't read everything yet as been busy, but vet came and Lena (my horse) is OK. The wind is so strong, and she's a bit nervous, that she was suffering from stress so such an extent that she went off her food! Spent some time with her grooming and cuddling and now she's eating OK.

 Even Tigger, my Border Collie was trembling outside.


Did anyone remember the tin opener?


Jean Genie

Liz, what a beautiful horse . Hope she settles down now along with Tigger.

Electrics going in tomorrow for water feature  OH off work for a few days.

He's going to be sorry - I have a gardening list of jobs.

Flo -



Good news Liz - had been wondering - must have been some storm

Miss Becks

I don't think we'll need the tin opener Geoff, as you've obviously left it on the kitchen table! Duh!


It has turned cold-and there will be midges-do we have a mosquito net?-these can leave a nasty bite




Deanos Diggin It

Got my midgy net sorted Geoff! Your on your own pal!

 Evening All!

Miss Becks

Evening Dean!! Loved the pics yesterday! Thankyou.


Nosey Git, Cannock Chase.

Deanos Diggin It

Yo Beck's!  Your Welcome!

Liz! Hope GG settled, Oh n dog too! 

Morning Inka!

Sorry to hear about cat ! We do get very attatched! But you have to step back n do the right thing although it may seem wrong!  

and to all hainge aches n pains! Remember! The tide is turning, so come midsummer n ya sat having a cold glass of whatever you may choose!

Your hard work now, will only but just pay in dividends for that moment! Enjoy!

Right! Best go sort some car insurance!



Went to see the vet, He actually managed to aspirate the lump, so it's ok for now, problem is it seems to be coming back quicker. The cat is not in any pain and still eats, jumps, everything really, so just play it by ear I think.Thanks everyone for the kind words and support, most appreciated.

Well I'm off out to rake over my lawnless plot!! Well tell a lie, still got a quarter left, but the rain is going to beat me, still have cleared enough to make 4 more beds though, so not all bad.


Ben it is dark out there-can you see Bunny?


You're all so witty and quick off the mark! Flo with all her egg words and Geoff and Dean find Google pictures for every subject in the blink of an eye. I feel quite dull, but keep em coming! And Bunny is a real party girl even when she's just been sad and Bjay, Becks, Jean and Caz and everyone else are so nice and such fun!

Was so worried about nervous little horsey, just had a glug of red wine Spanish Rioja, not French! think it's done the trick!



When's the picnic? I live too far away Here's some cyber French cheese and wine to go with it.



AAAH schuks  

Just had some vino as well - not sure what it was though

Do you know how to find google pics Liz?


Just seen your contribution to picnic so you do 

Jean Genie

Good for you , Liz.  Maybe joining you . flippin football. Will have a little nose about on here me-thinks.

Whenever Dean's about , I can't stop thinking of his Jock- Box.

Keep positive Ben - I'm a firm believer in the power of positive thinking. (Not going to mention Noetic science Geoff ) Whoops - I have !

Doesn't it feel good when you've had a productive day in the garden.


I am confused Liz -the vet prescribed you give the horse red wine-I know this is France and all that but isn't that a step too far?

Wont you have a tipsey horsey