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Night Caz-going up as well soon-keep to your own side

The rest of you waffle away

Night all

Bunny ...
Night Geoff ..... Night Caz ... Poor deano been dumped so soon ...

OH has announced he keeps having spasms


Did see fog for up where you are Bunny but not snow. Still it's so cold over night it does make it feasilble.

I am so tired won't be  long myself. If it rains tomorrow I have seed packets sorted and ready. Will go into GH, put radio on and potter 

Bunny ...
I think because we are on high ground , in forest can look down to west coast miles away. Hope it's wrong . The tv man said rain 2ish . Thought I'd finish turf move then if weather rubbish greenhouse potting on and seed sowing . I never use radio just silence

I like silence in the GH too. Helps thought processes OH doesn't watch football, thank God.He was at choir tonight.


Bunny ...
OH doesn't do choir either ... Watching car prog now
Bunny ...
Pleased to hear I'm not alone in my silence
Bunny ...
Morning all

Wakey wakey
Well we fell asleep on couches again last night , 1am we woke up
Dull and grey out there, looks nippy think it will be layers on gardening today. Various rain forecasts from none to loads so will just wait and see. Want to clear last of turf, diff over new bits a little and throw some compost on , may even get some plants in ready for the rain to bed them in
Plan research of what to plan later , under hawthorn hedge , rooty in full sun , got to be do able lol.
Gary Hobson

Morning Forkers,

Planted out some stuff yesterday, on the assurance of Mystic Met that we'd have rain overnight. But no rain

, so I need to do some watering today. Think I might cut the grass first too, while it's dry.

The warm weather yesterday brought many of the animals to life. Some frogs...


 And this was a Brimstone butterfly...

Bunny ...
Morning Gary

Typical forecasters ! Well done for get some things in . OH was thinking of giving ours a feed , lawn needs help

Morning Bunny and Gary.

Beautiful pics as always, Gary. I tried to photograph a frog yesterday who was obligingly keeping very still but I found the shadowy lighting too difficult.

Busy forkers last night, loads to catch up on. Will try later as it's dog haircut and WW this morning.

Wakey wakey sleepy forkers!!!

Jean Genie

Morning Bunny and Gary.

Love the little frog Gary - great photos. A butterfly this early ?  Gosh, It must have been very warm in your part of the world yesterday.

A very grey day here but no rain. I'm hoping it stays dry so I can do some more work outside and OH sorting electrics for waterfeature. Looking forward to that.

Want to sow the canary creepers today as well. This will be the first year I haven't sown cobaea so what's the betting we will have a brilliant summer.

See our friend Mr Con Job is back again.

Bunny ...

great pics


Morning flo good luck at ww

Morning jean , soon be up and running the water feature


Morning all. Been feeding animals. Surprise parcel arrived in the post today. OH said I had to open it (addressed to him). It was the RHS Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers. Hurray! It's not even my birthday (September).

Raining today. Just as well, got to cook today for Charity evening tomorrow for Cancer Support. Lemon tart coming up!


Bunny ...
What a lucky girl Liz

Mmm lemon tart, OH keeps pointing out we have no cake left

Olive has arrived back from forest walk...stinking ! Au de fox , showered but still stinks grrrrrr.
Sue H
Bunny can you get doggy deo??? Sounds like you need some. Though I think dog would hate it!
Bunny ...
Nothing works Sue , it just has to fade away , the rotting seal carcass recently took over a week ..after 6showers
She loves a shower , sure she does it just for the shower hehe

I was told that tomato ketchup works to overcome the smell of fox poo. Tried it on a foster collie. Horrible job smearing it on the pooey area (especially as he was quite a nervous dog and had nipped three previous foster carers). He was left with a pinkish tinge on his white bits when washed off and a faint whiff of 'Eau de tomate et de renard' -  but an improvement, I thought