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Jean Genie

Good morning Gary, and those yet to arise.

Rain here too but glad in a way as I agree with Gary - nothing beats rainwater for settling plants in and I've transplanted a lot the past few days.

Due to the lack of it lately, I'm running quite low now. I usually water all my houseplants with rainwater but have now had to resort to tap water and keep what little I have left for my carnivorous plants  Could do with just one massive downpour followed by a week of sunshine.

Housework for me today and hopefully later it will brighten up a bit so I can finish the last bit of of scruffy border where I spotted slug damage.

They're on their way folks.

Bunny ...
Gobbler ... Gobble ... To eat ...

Caz having hot cross bunny bunny .... I was hiding ...

We went to bed early shattered, weird dreams (of being eaten .... ) woke at 1 hand throbbing and painful so not much sleep. Been banned from digging today

Anyway morning all

Do your frogs sing frog chorus Gary ?

Jean .......pleeeeeaaaaaassssseeeeee stop wishing rain upon us

Not sure today's plans .......
Bunny ...
Hahaha yes that's the one I was thinking of , ohhhh dear that will be in my head all day..
Bunny ...
Forkers with your raised beds .... What do you grow in them ?

I'm actually thinking maybe I should try a veg plot .... Maybe next year now though. For those who saw my slab of grass at the back I could make a section there as full sun . ..... When will I stop thinking up more jobs



Good morning all ,a damp start to the day here as well  the wife God be good to her has plans for me today in our dog invested back garden we have four 2 westies and 2 Yorkshires the little fffffffffffffffffffffks



Morning GaryJeanBunny and anyone who's posting as I type

Same fine drizzle as Gary here. Bunny - we could have Jean's rain at night and sun in the daytime - I'd settle for that.

You could just have a few veg to see if you enjoy growing them but, as you say, next year if you've a lot to do now. I shall be almost veg-less this year

We used to sing the Frog song at school (when I was a teacher not a pupil). It's not bad as ear-worms go.


Good Morning All.

Missed yesterday so hope you will update me with any major developments

It's a drizzly morning here as well, but mild. Meeting some friends for lunch today for a catch up, will no doubt be talking about all our ailments, we have all got to that age.

No frogs chorus here, a bit early for us, but frogs have been sighted in the pond, so hopeful.

I've spotted slugs in the borders, hiding under the dead leaves, which have now been cleared, so hopefully the birds will get a few of the little blighters that are left. no doubt they will be back with a vengence.

Have a good day everyone.



Morning all. I've been wanting to sow my broad beans, but huge wind 2 days ago, rain yesterday, sunny and warm today, but drop in temp forecast for next week with light snow on Monday. Should I sow them or not? Plants are hardy (but not hardy enough for winters here) but will the seeds rot if they get cold? The later you leave it the worse the blackfly.

Will be out this evening , helping organise charity quiz, with meal for cancer support and homeless. France may be a socialist state with bigger benefits than the UK. but if your paperwork isn't in order and you don't have an address you get nothing. Beggers in Périgueux.

Bunny ...
Morning Flo and Chris
I am going to do pots of veg this year for ease on decking , so see how I go

Ugghhhhhh slugs , I may have to try the snip approach I a brave bunny though

Rain hmmm ok at night midnight to 4am then to dry up with full sun please

Think I shall bake this morning whilst raining

Sorry to hear about your wind Busy-Lizzie



Dave  I see the silly stuff has started - or do I mean f ***ed?


Baking sounds good Bunny.

We always grow some runner beans in a large pot as well as a row in the garden so you should have a good result from them, also carrots as we seem to always get carrot root fly and if you grow them in a pot at least 18" off the ground this can help the problem, so I'm told We have had good results in the past. Best of luck anyway.

Hate to say this but the weather is set to get colder over the weekend. - 4c forecast here at night.

Bunny ...
grrrr something is tripping half our power out this morning ....grrrrr rant
Gary Hobson
lovetogarden wrote (see)

Hate to say this but the weather is set to get colder over the weekend. - 4c forecast here at night.

Yes, there is a very severe weather deterioration in the forecast. I may have to rewrap all the plants that I've just unwrapped.


Bunny ...
I was just looking at forecast ....real feel of -12 couple of nights
OH just said,.... "What ??? That cold a this time of year" ... Think he thought we were in spring too ..

Thanks love' I have never tried carrots but shall make a note and try that tip

Who f@**ed ?? Dear me ....what's become of the place

Olive ... Again appears to be having one of those weeks, off in the forest .. Where is she , found her sampling some already eaten by who knows what baby deer only problem in these forests a lot of deer .
Wen we first got her she had some intestines of possible sheep or deer hanging from mouth trotted towards us should have known then what she was going to be like
She has since cleaned her self beside me

Dog ..anyone?

Baking I was gong to make carrot cake ..although OH asks could it include jam and chocolate somewhere
Jean Genie

Coffee break. Send some my way Bunny.

Olive's tales make me laugh.

The sun's trying to break through here.  Hope it clears for later so I can finished that border . Just found the missing bag of lillies  Not sure what to do now so I'm going to post a question.

Hey- ho - me and my memory.

Also read the forecast for the w/end - not looking good  but no snow .


Gruntfuttocks all

I see Bunny who likes silence is being very silent again this morning

Talk of wind and snow and things growing in beds-just a normal day

Might sow something today-one day those mights might to turn into will

Bunny ...
We are forecast rain /snow jean... I blame you mind !!!!

I can send olive to you with the cake !!!?????
Jean Genie

 Sorry - only wanted a little rain

Olive would be welcome but no entrails thanks.

Morning Geoff.