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Kate I agree, after digging its essential to have a piece of cake. And I've heard that about lilies - but I've added a couple more recently.

OH was so impressed with Pam and Barry's garden he wants to visit another open garden next weekend.

It wasn't quite a tour de woking but I'm working on it! Nowhere near as fit as I ought to be.

I'm wondering if the bronzed adonis has got his speedos out yet!  


I would be so excited if OH wanted to visit a garden, then he would compare it to mine and their would be tears

No speedos

I can taste those blueberries, maybe some blueberry ice cream could be on the menu.


Going  to try and upload a few photos of my garden





Im so pleased with myself I nearly managed that all on my own. Ive loads of photos but OH had enough of me with three. That was the snow last winter in front garden and crambe in front garden now


Lovely pictures.  It's amazing what plants can survive.



Jenny what is the plant with the huge leaves? Great to see some photos


Lottie-when will you opening you palace to the public?

Jenny -does the snow go over you head?-I think that it is a gunnera I see before me-but am usually wrong on these things

Have soaked up the rays-no speedos were harmed in the making of that process



I think a trips to Lotties Allotment would be educational, I will see if we can apply for a grant to cover travel and food costs.

I have marinated some chicken and I will be serving it with rice and sauteed courgettes and tomatoes.

Geoff do you have any predictions as to how long this heatwave will last?


Chicken salad-strawberry flan and cream-day 2

It could be like a field trip -we will need paper and crayons to do drawings though

The weather man said there is a bit of uncertainty but there may be a thundery breakdown by the weekend-the temperatures should peak mid-week then gradually fall away-make the most of it


I think it is a digital camera nowadays. I will put it on the expenses.

I have choc ices


What are the chances of the pigeon doing a speedy delivery?

Can I bring my box brownie?-that is a camera-not a box of cakes- to avoid any confusion


Kate the big leaves are the Umbrella Plant or Indian Rhubarb I don't know if its a gunnera but very like one. Its bigger than in the photo now, it must be all the rain.

It was hard going getting about in the snow at 3ft and I'm not 5ft

Were having chicken Korma tonight. Don't we all eat well



I have checked and it is like gunnera but not related-I have failed the test again

I have had to water containers and baskets-this is the first time in ages


We need to eat well with all the digging we do

Jenny how does it over winter, do you protect it?

A box of brownies will be great will go well with the choc ices, we can meet at Pams and cycle to Lotties.


Evening all.

We didnt have reliable net over w/end- like a lot of BT customers apparently.

Am waiting, for the 2cnd day for a delivery of Ikea furniture. Not impressed, by delivery company, but WAS by local Ikea stores' customer services person. He also tried various contact numbers for the delivery co. He got engaged tones, I got a recorded message! They could still deliver up to 8pm tonight according to him, but I doubt it. I was told 4pm......

Shall be on the phone again, to them early tomorrow morning, just as today. Not helped by daughter starting nights again, so the extra noise if tomorrow onwards wont be appreciated.

Trouble is we DO want the cabinet- first spotted over 12 mths ago. We have a lot of lovely glass from parents house that we want to display/use & both OH & me liked this cabinet.Once I'd sorted out how we got it delivered we were going to get it, but first Dad was ill, then MIL died suddenly, then I got my diagnosis & subsequent surgery & chemo so buying furniture wasnt exactly a priority.

This Saturday after a good time in NWales as planned, am driving back along M56 & with both OH & daughter asleep & me getting dozy too- not sensible- I woke them up & said t'was driving to Ikea for a break! After a coffee & cake we wandered around downstairs & spotted the cabinet, in the colour we wanted, at below half price & only 1 left!! Decision made- no brainer really. Climbing over loaded trolleys, should've rung warning bells, to organise the delivery when OH around to assemble etc etc. At least it's me doing the sorting/nagging as OH was very very angry yesterday & I wouldnt like to think what would have gone on if he'd tried to sort.

As long as it arrives before this friday, when OH comes back, I shall be happy. Ok, am climbing over our furniture here as we'd moved things to clear a big space for packaging & assembly, but I can cope with that.

Anyway, spent a happy day today doing all sorts in the garden. Note stuck on front door, in case delivery- ha- & plan to use same note if am outside again when due.

Sorry to go on at length, but know you'll understand.Dont need this stress......

Daughter has just saved herself a lot of £ swopping car insurance companies for the same amount of cover. She even tried asking her existing co to price match, but they wouldnt budge, so she did! Now shall I get the 2cnd car discount or shall I enquire about t'other co too? as recommended by a car journalist in paper.

Oh & BTW have had pappadrelle pasta with melted gruyere & cream- very yummy. J.



If we do the trip twice does that count as recycling?


Jo I have seen quite a lot of nice stuff at Ikea but never bought any due to awful delivery procedures, I had hoped that it had improved but obviously not. No wonder you are stressed.

Geoff it will kill me to cycle it once, have you got a tandem?


Jo there is no reward for loyalty in the car insurance game-you should switch every year

This is you and me Kate-I'm the one in the hat




Hi Kate, I don't protect it it dies back to underground unlike the gunnera that has a crown to protect and we've had minus 25. I bought new candelabra primulas for this border in mixed colours and all have turned out yellow. I bought them from Parkers and after reading about Parkers on this site I wish Id read the reviews of the company first they certainly don't come across well..

Ive just come in from the garden its a lovely night but the midges are so bad!!!

Gary Hobson

Switched on my (satellite) telly this morning to find a new category sitting there on the program guide screen - Olympics.

Has a display of 6 football matches being televised throughout the day, tomorrow, Wednesday, plus another 8 all day Thursday. Not particuarly interested in football, but it was a nice surprise. Things are getting close now.