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Bunny ...

Can't do link ...
Bunny ...
Hehehe I like a snuggle

I've arrived. First time pc been turned on since w/end.

No excuses, just been soooo busy this week.

Anything major happened? Geoff? J.


Bunny ...
Heard it on radio 2 ..said 20 dogs ..

Haven't heard much else news wise apart from Mr Jazz ..

Hello Jo , time to rest up then

Jo in brief~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Bunny has been lolling on couches and raised beds

Jean has taken up with two strange blokes and turned to drink

Caz is up to no good with Dean.

Dean is two timing her with Bjay-who buys from Harrods

Becks organised a picnic

Flo has been doing community service for rescuing cardboard

Liz's horse is an alcoholic

Others have been popping in and out and shaking it all about

Bunny ...
....and geoffs been moaning

Bunny, that story you tried to link to was posted on our Dog Rescue website and facebook page yesterday. Very sadly, a dog we rehomed out that way is one of the deaths and the owner wanted us to alert everyone asap. The vet who dealt with it says 6 deaths and 2 survivied.

Hello Jo! Popped in for a bit of a rest? As if !!

Geoff, are you aware there's a special moaning thread ?

Miss Becks

Have nothing garden wise all day! Have been sorting stuff for listing on ebay.

I did read in an email from moneysavingexpert that Lidl have some fruit trees for sale at £4. Sounds a bargain to me.

Jean Genie

Greetings everyone  Nice to hear from you , Jo . Wondering what you'd been up to but thought you would have been busy. Have a chill now.

Strange story about the dogs. Wonder what that could be ? Hope folk stay away from the area until the problem's solved.

Got baked potatoes in but what to have with them.

Your Grandson looks a cutie, Pam.  Size of that rabbit.


Nothing out of the ordinary around here then?

Chill? what's that? What we're due to get weather-wise next week by the look of it...

Just made, successfully this time, pancakes on which I spread low-fat garlic cheese, rolled them up with more grated cheese on top & grilled. Served with very fresh Spelt bread & a mixed salad. Yummy.

Fasting blood test tomorrow morning. So breakfast will be at a GC! Traffic always bad trying to return the M/C way, so no point. I also have a list.... J.

Deanos Diggin It

Hi Jo!

Glad to see you have reappeared!

Still no Nola and Sasha, n Kate seems to have not posted for Yonk's!

Have pottered in back yard, Potted up, potted on, really can't wait for it to warm slightly so I can get the pressure washer out n give everything a right good going over, clear the deck's n start afresh!

Oh! Nice summary Geoff!


Pennine Petal
Back home now. Pouring with rain in Madrid today, so you wouldn't have enjoyed it, Geoff.

Having some tea and a hot cross bun.
Pennine Petal
Warmer tha the Uk, around 13 yesterday.

Well this week I have

1.Done the first lawn cut, didnt re-edge it though as ground was so hard after nearly 3+ weeks without rain, that would've hurt to do it. I ached enough anyway.

2. Cleaned out the majority of back patio slab cracks. I allow lots of self-seeders, but there is a limit. Think I last did it properly in 010! The bottom patio & path still to do. It's a crawling on your knees job- double kneeler used.

3.Started to repot/cull the house plants. Listed the ones need to send with daughter. Really must sort out the pot covers too- job for sometime next week I think when too cold to do much else.

4.Emptied out a layer of the wormery & then re-set it up. Put the resulting compost onto this yrs veg bed for the worms there to do their bit. Saves digging.

5. Had lunch/coffees sat outside on 2 days. Even sat out with a good book one afternoon.

6. Went shopping locally & took loads to the charity shop. Organised an appointment at Bank for next week.

7. Had an old friend from my childhood village phone- lots of chat/advice there. I will get down to WMidlands to give support in the near future.

8. Finally got a cold-caller to actually talk to me when he finally accepted that OH not available. Peace now reigns. OH managed to do a 'silent' call to our land line t'other day. So used my mobile, & credit!, to phone the factory to get him to sort it out. Not a happy bunny OH!

9. Took another friend out today for her birthday. Another GC after a quick shop for us both at a Morrisons en-route, she doesnt drive. Went the 'pretty' way round Bolton oops, will know better next time.

10. Managed to do my 'quick' clean up around the house as well today. Now need to sort out what daughter needs to take for her bed making at her house. She's planning to be there over the w/end. If I see another paint/fabric sample I shall SCREAM!! Apparently it's Dunelm & Laura Ashley on Tuesday..... Think it's my turn to buy the meal out.

Next week I think, at the mo, Monday & Thursday are 'free'..... but that could all change.

So life rather busy. Quite glad that this w/end shant need to do any gardening up at daughter's.

The dahlias are starting, as are some pots of sweetpeas. No rush to do anything else yet though. J.