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Right, looks like everyone's otherwise engaged so I'll say night night into the void and go and tidy up the kitchen.

Miss Becks

Sorry Flo. Was busy doing a survey.

Jess won't have hers toasted, but I prefer it. Yummy!


All this talk about Hot cross buns makes my mouth water  And I only let myself have 2 a week Otherwise i'll just eat a packet of them straight off 

Night Flo, when I can persuade OH to go to Worcester I'll have a new mousie, It wobbles constantly now and makes it hard to get the cursor where i am aiming

Night all 

Sue H
Back from saltmines. Started at 730am. Just back. Carrot cake in oven for daughters 16th tomorrow. Looked at garden. All my bulbs are looking wonderful. Well pleased with all purchases from local cheapie shop. (1 pound packs) Cheers a grey day up. Everyone been so busy. I just feel tired now
Miss Becks

I bet you are counting down the hours eh Sue?

I never used to like them Bjay! Now I'm like you, could eat a pack in one go.


Sue H
Becks - yes I am. Really looking forward to new job now. Only ... lots of colleagues telling me they will miss me. Nevet knew they cared!!!
Just eaten chocolate pudding and choc custard. Yummy. Was cheats choc custard, nice . Still waiting for carrot cake to finish cooking.
Miss Becks

Tell them to sign up on here to stay in touch!

Sue H
Good idea. Some are keen gardeners too. Also complete nutters. Would fit in well.
Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

Really dreary here. Pond is full of frogs singing away. They haven't read Mystic Meg's forecast.

Went outside around 9pm last night just to see if there was any sign of slugs chomping my lupins, but there were none about.

Bunny ...
Morning Gary and late risers

Good to hear the frogs are still cheering spring along

Icy cold and windy here and I'm helping OH today ...outside ...frozen bunny
Sue H
Morning all. Grey and misty and cold here too. Off to saltmines in a minute. Hope weather takes up on Sunday and Monday?

Morning all.

Becks, I wasn't having a moan last night - no need to apologise

Bjay, like you, I could eat the whole pack of buns in one go so have to spread them out across the week.

Flying visit as it's Aunty Day today and, once my niece arrives, I won't get a word in edgeways

Have a fruitful day all (esp. the WWs for 0 points )

Jean Genie

Morning Bunny and Gary and to all who will be up and about shortly. 

Nice to see Jo and globe-trotting Gyn back.

Not a good day here. Raining quite heavily and miserable

Hope your frogs have got thermals Gary. Sunday is looking to be the coldest day but I'm sure Mr Mystical orange balls will give us an update when he arises.


Bunny ...
Am I the only one who doesn't like HC buns

Have good day Flo .

Counting down Sue Isn't it "practice leaving /GW / and daughter bday party" tonight
Bunny ...
Morning jean brrrrrrrr and wind ....


Bunny ...
Ps Lab Olive has rolled again this morning .... More fox !! Dog anyone ?????

No thanks Bunny - got one already!

Morning all. Our dinner and quiz for charity went well last night.

Bunny ...
You sure ???

Pleased do' went well , worthwhile event

Morning peeps

It is raining

We need some gardening pics-the thread is slipping away downstream-anybody got any?

Miss Becks

Morning Lovelies.

Miserable dreary view out the window, but at least it's stopped raining.

Nothing much planned for today really.