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My thoghts exactly Pam

I thought I was having a Mothering Monday, but daughter has told me she isn't off work that day either, with son in Leeds and other son working his socks off for other Mothers Sundays I'm feeling glum. Where do i come in


Bunny! You did it! We've got past the page with the droopy drawers on

Bjay, that is sad

Bunny ...
I've got the light flashing.

Rosa's just a day, any day can be for mums , I'm not getting to see mine Mother's Day because of mil wants ... We still love you mums every day not just Mother's Day
Bunny ...
You can be my mum tomorrow



Thanks Bunny. 

But mothering monday was all arranged and now ......

I guess I could just about be your mum for a day - but that makes me feel old and I don't feel old 

Bunny ...
Doesn't matter age , it can be mum ish/sister ish day tomo as don't have sisters just brothers ...hehe

Mil only child...OH only child ... not my fave time of year for other reasons

We shall have a party indoor picnic by the wood burner ...;)
Bunny ...
Where is everyone ???? Ready for GW ? I have to record ...record do we still record? Sky+ I mean ...I await the verdict ...

I like picnics and I've a wood burner as well 

Nearly time for GW, hope MD isn't too supercilious(my opnion)

Pennine Petal
Hi all, you seem to have a fun day! I however, tripped over in front of my students, 2 colleagues stopped me hitting the ground, but I hurt my little finger knuckle joint on the right hand and can't hold anything properly. To type properly but what's different there?

I'm here -it is recorded anyway-there is too much going on in Weatherfield-will watch it in bed in the morning

I think you need to be a Mother to understand -go through this every year hoping off-spring do their duty without being prompted


They did buy me a magnolia Leonard Messel last year between them 

Deanos Diggin It

Right! I have Pricked out my bit's! I is orf! Early start n all that!

Night All!


My mother couldn't be doing with all the Mother's Day faff. I did phone her, or maybe make that a weekend to visit as I lived afar mostly. I don't have childer myself, and Mum has been dead nearly 16 years so all the hype can get a bit much sometimes.

But, more to the point of the dibber, I managed half an hour digging the allotment on Monday and Tuesday after assembling the raised bed on Sunday. My garlic and onions that I planted before Yule seem to be growing. It's been raining again for a couple of days, but I shall try to get out there tomorrow.

I don't have a television any more, but Monty Don gets right on my thrupnees I'm afraid. Especially after witnessing him doing his piece to camera at Hampton Court one year (I worked for a nursery that had a show garden) when he was behaving like a complete diva and really peeing off the poor camera operators.

Pennine Petal
Ooh nasty, Dean, couldn't you get any cream for it.


Bunny ...
Some of our mothering didn't happen as planned Geoff ...

I shall set up wood burner with picnic rug and tasty bites : D
Seeeeee they know what to buy you . I showed mum pic of roses I had bought and she loved the red Paul's scarlet image I found so sall try and get her one for new arch
I rarely see mine Mother's Day these days with work consuming weekends and mil !! she doesnt mind i know that as has sons and grandchildren but I always make sure now she always gets roses
She never had them before now the always flower ...and phones me to say "my rose" has flowered
Bunny ...
Understand goldie !

Hehe @ monty on ya thrupnees that's your Tupeney piece where I'm from

I'm not into monty hence the record part ...

Is it worth watching on iPlayer? My computer is getting a bit geriatric and starts to get 'sticky' part way through playing stuff, so I won't bother if it's not.

After all, I have James Martin to watch tomorrow.......

Sad old bats'R'Us.

Bunny ...
I haven't watched so no idea's recorded , il watch tomo ... Sticky is just buffering

Now then James Martin but if I lived with him I'm I'd be HUGE with his cooking

I won some tickets to see James Martin live once - he was very entertaining.

I was this close to him.....