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Deanos Diggin It
Hi Goldie, Flo, Dove n Ben! : )

Showered, coffee'd, now off to unpack my goodies n let em stand out back for a drink!

Probably a "Gargle" in this weather, it ain't sopped raining ALL day! : ((

Back to you Bunny



Afternoon all.

It has stopped raining here. Cold though. Have been up to daughter's, where OH & her are still decorating. New carpets down, Ikea delivery due anytime, which is why I scarpered! M&S due Monday, I think.

No chance to do any more outside there at the mo. Did take up the hanging basket/pot display that we've got her as a 'house warming' pressie. Being kept in a porch at the mo until it's better to take outside. A sensible choice of plants, all of which can be reused in the garden, when I get a border sorted.

Need to 'do' things around here now. Yesterday was scuppered by a frantic phonecall from daughter, resulting in a drive up there with various forgotten items! J.

Bunny ...
LOL ..... Not get by my newly built hadrians wall
Miss Becks

I'm sat trying to design my front garden, which is a blank canvas. It's just grass, not even any borders dug, and I want to incorporate an area under my front window where I can have an iron bench and maybe a table. Trouble is, various scrap men come round this estate 2-3 times a day, and they will take anything when your back is turned. Have visions of getting up one morning, and they are gone. It's spoiling my plans.


sotongeoff wrote (see)

Dont mention that -Jo will be round at a flash

Dont you think have got enough on around here?! I did take up the 'proper' wax polish & old dusters for daughter to use on the wooden furniture that she had in storage. Sprays good enough around here.

Forgot- our letterbox fell apart last night! So as lots of plants/cuttings in the porch, which I dont want to lose, it now has a 'flap' of bubblewrap on the inside. Postie laughed, but still got things through ok. Somewhere, not sure where, OH & me have seen the other half of the letterbox. Cant find it though. OH was planning to canabilise it to at least have 1 complete flap. J.



Nowhere around the back Becks? or is the sun better at your front? J.

Miss Becks

Glorious sun round the front jo. I already have a patio set round the back like Bjays, small wooden one, but I like to sit out the front and neighbour watch!

Bunny ...
What is the bench going to sit on ? Could you create a concrete plinth to sit legs into

Then a nice little circle lawn and lots for cottage garden planting :
Miss Becks

I did think of concreting it in. I will be taking 6 square slabs up, and repositioning them where I want it to go.

Bunny ...
Perfect ...and if anyone tries to remove ....they will do their back in at the same time

Bed's fixed, but he's not sure how long for. I just have to sleep standing up now as if I sit on it it may collapse again

Becks if I remember it is long and narrow so if you do what Bunny said it would take away that 'long' feel and you could neighbour watch behind your flowers without any one seeing. Include a few small shrubs for interest and greenness in winter. What about putting the bench at a slight angle that would also give it more'width' feel. R ather than right underneath the window.

Thinking about it put it all slightly at an angle that would make it seem less narrow as well.

Bunny ...
Maybe don't swing off the chandeliers tonight then just to be safe

Our front is sunny too. Kitchen at the front of the house, but side of extended garage blocks a lot of the 'view'. We also have an alleyway to one side. Fence lowish, so sitting out there would be like a goldfish bowl. Not me. I go & sit in the back & annoy my neighbour instead! Her decision to keep the joint fence low......

Daughter's new place has a very sunny back patio. Fences not too high further down the garden, so 1 neighbour's garden/workshop well in view from back room/patio. Eventually she plans to have the 'garage demolished. It's raised up, but the ground beneath is lower than the patio, so she may have a sunken seating are there J.


Miss Becks

Our front of the houses are slanted anyway Bjay. They really are a funny shape.But yes, it is long frontwards.




 I'll be taking those slabs up, and removing all those big rocks from under the window.


Been to the allotment and planted the currants. It's horribly sticky down there again, after being not too bad at the beginning of the week - stuck to my fork, stuck to my spade and stuck to my boots. I was nearly in tears.....

Then it started raining.

But at least I managed to dig up a baby thorn tree that I've had marked down since I moved in! And a big clump of ornamental grass - I think it's Stipa tenuissima, or similar - which I shall give to the chap who gave me the manure. Much as I like grasses, the allotment is not the place for it. Although I do plan a bit of a flower patch as I have no garden at home.

Bunny ...
You could re use the rocks amongst the planting

Listed more worldly goods

What is going on in this world?

Bunny ...
I give up.... Lighting wood burner