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Take care Becks. There are lots of rules around there about keeping the fronts open and not closing them off with height restrictions - check with council first. You may get away witha 2ft 6ins picket style fence but not a 2m. high one.

Caz W

Afternoon all - what a busy few days it's been!  OH offered to do some more lopping with new gadget so had to show willing and help dispose of mound of branches which  covered the lawn.  Little Archie dog has now gone back home so at least didn't have to do "walkies" today.  Watching rugby now and trying to catch up with the chat here.  Weather been quite nice here today so managed to take some photos to put on the gallery thread.  Becks - you've got a lovely blank canvas there - enjoy your planning .  I got some lovely gardening books from the library today - just like looking at the pictures for inspiration.  BJay - broken the bed?? will have to check how that happened


Liz -the cereal aspect is one of  the finer points I haven't considered yet

Bjay have you started on your frontal area yet?


Bunny ...
Rosa has been working with joe swift me thinks sounds good, can you draw it so I can see

No harm asking becks .
Pottie Pam

I took this photo today. The pink ones aren't in flower yet and there's no sign of some very dark, almost black, ones i planted last year


Miss Becks

I did actually mean 1 metre Bjay. Getting my measurements all mixed up.


No Geoff, In fact spent an hour tryng to find a Joe Swift idea I saw in GW mag ages and ages ago (Sept 20011). Found it And then today I also had the thought I have that climbing hydrangea thing that would do up the blank wall with the ceanothus that is already there. It doesn't solve problem of not being boring and the same as everyone elses though

BUT if I follow this plantng plan or similar it will certainly be different

Then alnog the blank wall also use the same colours somehow

So reds and yellows and grassy colours with odd bluesCeanothus) to tone it down.

You offering to come and dig it????

Bunny ...
What's for tea tonight ??? Don't know what to have

Pork chops and lots of veg here. Fresh fruit pot for pud 

No cake for me, 

That doesn't actually change the design of borders just along the house wall though Geoff 

Caz W

Scampi & chips for us


Salmon with herb and ginger crust, spuds, chard, peas.


Afternoon Caz-would not delve to far into "bedgate"-another can of worms

Actually Bjay have got another gardening job to do-unless you can out-bid?

Requested hot dogs-hot dogs it is

Gary Hobson

Fried chicken with assorted frozen veggies (8 mins in microwave); followed by chocolate mousse.


Homemade Moussaka followed by bakewell tart
Pam LL x

Mascapone stirfry- vegs stirfried, mascapone mixed in, topped with grated cheese & grilled. Plus yummy fresh bread, Sainsbury's, salad & vino here. OH can have pancakes for pud should he want one.

Am having to suddenly get used to catering for only1 or 2 again here- weird. J.


Oops, nearly forgot need to do pasta for in 'bake'/stirfry too- thought it looked odd... J.

Miss Becks

We're having jacket potatoes and pork steaks. Someone might want beans.