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Bunny ...
**sobs** bunny in the pot again .... But who is the bunny boiler ???

Sorry, forgot the comma. Wouldn't dream of cooking poor Bunny, love bunnies.

Bunny ...

Sent self into kitchen to create with pork music (dido) on and glass of chilled white
Bunny ...
Outlaws coming up this way tomo as everywhere they wanted for lunch is full up, so will hop over the border loval where they serve all day



Too cute for it's own good-ahhh.

OH has now hurt his back assembling Ikea wardrobe for daughter. I've just discovered that he's got all the strong painkillers back at little house. He's not having our household last packet!

Daughter has found the missing clock hand for her grandaughter clock. I've found the instructions, she should have pendulum, but hope she's got the key........

Now watching an oldish Lewis & repeated Foyles' War on later. J.

Bunny ...
Awwwww shucks thanks (for being told she is a cute bunny)

Oh no back trouble ..nasty
Sue H
Home from saltmines. Last Saturday. Tired! Homemade chicken tikka massala in oven. Glass of wine in hand. Off to put pj's on. Cold day. Tete a tete daffs nice welcome home. Got lots now.

Murder may be commited- OH has u-tube on full (?) volume telling him how to fit the wardrobe doors at daughters'. I cant hear myself think, let alone the tv!!

Back/hip trouble long-standing with OH. He does actually think that some recent 'episodes' were related to the kidney stone, but this is definitely caused by lugging Ikea stuff up narrow stairs etc etc.J.


Sue H
Jo is that some kind of loud music oh listening to? This is all I here on u tube.
Hello everyone! Glad to have chance to pop in to see what's been going on.
Busy week, work jobs, home jobs etc also been full of a cold, then son full of a cold....Fun packed :S

Anyway, time to catch my breath! Hope all is well, had a quick browse. Will catch up properly with the help of a glass of wine later!
I still haven't got any seeds in. Usually like to have started some by now
Mind you wet and cold here. Meant to get colder too.
Son on his D of E training weekend! Snow forecast! Glad I'm not sleeping in a tent!

I think it is only right I get to choose a GC visit tomorrow for Mothers' Day.
Bought a couple of packets of things to plant. Some Brodiaea bulbs and Mirabilis Jalapa roots. Will give them a go at 89p a bag!

Kettle on time I think. Not long back from picking daughter from a Guides swimming gala. Right, better think about making something to eat!
Pennine Petal
Hi all, sorry for not looking in during the day, have been working hard. OH read my postings and came home with a potted azalea for me when he went out to do the shopping! Box of chocs when I got home from Madrid and another today.

Bought a new phone on today, being a technophobe and a thrifty person, I find it really difficult to make a decision. Oh a Gemini too, we find it hard to make up our minds.

Also planning a weekend with friends, so have actually made a few decisions today. Lot of decisions made on marks, but I don't work very fast.

Oh no Bunny, not in the pot again!,

Did I see something about a troll Geoff?

I have a snowdrop coming out, finally!
Pennine Petal
Anyone got the red shoes on?

We won Caz, did you watch?
Caz W

We certainly did Glyn .  Your OH is doing very well - don't forget to post a few more things you might like

Miss Becks

Does he do postal requests Glyn!! What a star!



Spoiler alert-Antony Cotton won-now Dads Army- then film

Yes Glyn-there is a nasty about

Chris I have an Epson printer- dirt cheap and you can get replacement cartridges dirt cheap as well -does the job-what did you order?

I trust that is dido the singer Bunny and not a spelling mistake

Who won what?-is that men with odd shaped balls again?

Bunny ...
wish mine would read my requests
LOL (just to,annoy )

Red shoes ? We have an old film OH bought (based in 50s I think ) jeeeeeez
FACE IN THE CROWD I'm sure good but at his time, we will see ....

Not eaten yet

Geoff. - I've ordered a HP all in one printer, the same brand as I had previous to this load of rubbish, had it for 8 yrs, had the Kodak for 2 and I've never been happy with it. only got the cheapest model as I don't use it a lot, but it's handy to have. Should be delivered by Wednesday.

Daughter and partner came to see us yesterday evening with MD flowers, a lovely bouquet of roses and lilies + card. They can't come tomorrow as they are away for the weekend..

Nothing on TV to watch, will have to see what we have got recorded.

Bunny ...
Love... But they came today instead? Is that not good .?
Miss Becks

Mines a HP all in one Chris. It's always been great. Bit old now though. Had it nearly 10 years I would say. Would definately buy HP again.