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Brrr! The temperature's dropped like a stone. Planning to empty out the larder today, and sort through all the jars, bottles, spices etc...will post later on the most out of date one I find.
Bunny ...
Lovely plant dean... I'm rubbish with anything indoors ...only thing I haven't killed is aloe Vera plant

I won't shout dean....shhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Snow has stopped , sunny again now been on wants us to go that way now **rolls eyes** constant plan changing ...

Awww goldi and the clay pit supposed to be sunny cold this week here.

Rosa creaky bed ...least it survived.

Pam I didn't get anything from lab olive other than her cleaning her 'parts' beside me ...thanks olive .
Bunny ...
Morning Becks , keep your snow please
Sue H
Bunny - did the dog desist in its quest for all things smelly this morning?
Bunny ...
Yes she did ....phewwwwwwww ....



I hope all you mothers out there geat lovely treats from your offsprogs - you deserve it!

Looking forward to the sunny cold, Bunny. It should dry things out a bit. Got rather depressed yesterday when most of the allotment seemed to be sticking to my boots and tools.

Might order another raised bed today - beats shoe shopping!

Sue H
Good grief. The sun has come out. Didn't expect that. My neighbour has just got my Sunday paper for me. Bless ...
Bunny ...
The Mother's Day lunch with outlaws debate continues .... Going....not

***rolling eyes smiley***

Afternoon all-what a busy lot you have been today-and AFTERNOON DEAN

Just been outside not supercold but it is cloudy

Number one Son has phoned-hopefully number two later


Noooooo! I missed the 25,000 mark!  Am waiting for the 000000 on my car soon, only about 50 miles to go, I think.

Note - must not forget to phone dearest Mater.


Just had a 40min skype with son and grand daughter but she was far more interested in her feet. OH worked out we can get pictures off the skype so he has saved 4 and will print them off. LOVELY. But I did so want to touch her 

Very cold here, winter coat out again, and a bit of wind.

Don't think will go outside today. Daughter has text as well so all is well. Right now to research beds and their price

Bunny ...
Mil plans changed again.... Now wants us to go there for chicken n chips ...although as yet there isn't a chicken

They seem to think it only takes 5mins to get there hour !

Onwards with the day...
Pennine Petal
Just caught up on Corrie for the week, they were having butterscotch instant whip!

Need to pop out and replenish the bird food, but it looks cold and windy. Waiting for OH to make a sausage buttie.

I have a bunch of daffodils that has lasted a week and still looking good. They do cheer me up.

The sun has come out, hurray
Miss Becks

Take a loaded gun with you Bunny! You may need it by the end of the day! If not for you, then for her!!

Rosa carriola wrote (see)


Very cold here, winter coat out again, and a bit of wind.


Do you need the bicarb, Rosa?

I just remembered my sourdough was proving so have put it in the oven - can't go shopping until it's out........what a shame.


Pennine Petal
Has anyone seen the dancing pony advert, makes me smile
Jean Genie

Afties all

 To all the Mums in the world,

Well , busy day for me yesterday . most of family came to visit as it was Daughters birthday and Grandson's birthday today. Bjay - still haven't managed to get to H/Bargains and see what seed disks they've got but will definitely go through nthe week - sorry.

Had a lovely morning and some nice thoughtful pressies and cards . Very touched (but you all know that anyway. }

Going to immerse myself in the bath now with my new smellies. Mr Radox has been dumped.

Some time today , I will catch up on everything.

Bjay - broken your bed ?

You really must tell OH To stop wearing that Superman suit.

Catch up later.

Miss Becks

Has Lottie gone on holiday? She hasn't posted for a while now.

Deanos Diggin It
I have give in and brought the potting-up stuff into the kitchen, It's a little bitter out there! : (

I was thinking that earlier Beck's!

OMG have you seen the price of beds!!

Waiting for egg on toast yum

then will do other things to try to recover from the shock