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Jean Genie

Am now full. All demolished but dessert will have to wait. We've just had a snow shower but it seems to have passed over now. Gone extremely cold outside so leaving the frost-stat on in the conservatory for my babies.

Inka , love to have seen the whales . Sounds like you've had a good day.

If I'd have known, Bunny , I'd have set an extra place,

Are you globe-trotting again, Glyn?

Hot oil - ouch  For once I've come out the kitchen unscathed.

Bunny ...
I could pop over for dessert jean

Wow just been out on drive (Tarmac) ...sheet ice ! Whooooaaaaa ...Steady now

Just spoke to my mum again , didn't get to see her for mil !! She washed bedding today, sunny so got all,outside blowing...line snapped , re washed , pegged out ..started snow blizzard lol...bless her not what her Mother's Day should've been
Bunny ...
Ughhhhh it's snowing and laying

Mothers are tough cookies in my experience, Bunny. I'm sure she's known worse!

Chicken and roast veg has been consumed and sore finger is still being dunked.I might need to indulge in some of that Lidl chocolate.......


Just been laughing at Bunny's day out-sounds chaotic

Lots of Royal bum sniffing on Countryfile tonight -even more Blue Peterish than usual

Seems I might get a white Monday


Caz W

Evening all - pretty cold out there today.  Hope all mothers had a good day.  Bunny - your "meal" was a bit of a let down though .  I had to go and do some food shopping for my mother, deliver it to her and change her bedding while I was there - happy days

Isn't it fantastic that Inka just happened to see whales when she was going out not forgetting Geoff with his 2 fish of course.

Hope Deano's perked up



Bunny ...
Geoff ... It's always the same when the outlaws are involved

I've missed bum sniffing...suddenly pleased I did

It's already white here booooooooooo
Bunny ...
Geoff and fish ? I've not caught up yet ....

Inka and whales ..lovely

However do we need to know if dean has 'perked up'

The town was Sidney--about 30 k north of Victoria. The pod was about 6 orcas--one or two bulls, 2 cows and a baby! They passed us from the front, blowing and slapping their tails. Lovely--plus a sunny day!

Took the early boat [6am!] and so had a good few hours. Usually rushed for time. I also bought myself a genuine Borsolino hat--25$ in the thrift store, but it was actually my size--so it was fate. Love hats! Justified a lot of purchases as early birthday pressies.

Just found out I'll be having lots of company in the next little while--my niece for a couple of days next weekend, before she moves back to Oz, then my son and grandson for a week. Good thing I stocked up on food!

Caz W

Hey Inka - I remember visiting Sidney - great bookshops

Bunny ...
How lovely inka ..... Hat sounds fab , do we get I piccie ?

Haaaaaa Geoff forgot about that , no not Mary
Bunny ...
Just had to point out to OH it was Mother's Day for our mothers today ...not sons day ...while sat on his assss
Caz W

Bunny - has anyone else guessed or been close???


Bunny ...
Haven't looked back caz .... Shall have to look ...can't mind what was guessed now ..
Jean Genie

I think we have another Kate.

Bunny ...
Not quite cousin was Kate though

Looking back now ...

Dinner eaten - cooked by me - doesn't happen often - maybe because I make it up as I go along so today it was baked veggies with cod loin on top with rice cooked in stock. Realised it was a bit dry so put in some cream with the veg after the fish was cooked, It turned out OK.

Normally wouldn't have cream in house but it's Mothering Monday tomorrow so a good excuse

Diane? Michelle?

Grand daughter was wearing knitting I was trying to finish last week. Turns out she's has short arms