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Bunny ...
Hehe fly on nose

Essex glyn ???
Pennine Petal
Sound like cockneys to me, but probably too far from Bow Bells

Watching Mr Selfridge  on plus one now

Bunny ...

Geoff other post .... Ignore ..seen that poster before ...thought rabbit off before ...

I watched country file, midwife but not mr selfridge. Watched Shetland - think I will watch part2

Smiley chart say  = disappointed or I've been gardening and got a fly on my nose

good night 


Bunny ...
Hmmm doesn't look disappointed ...hehe

Night beeeeeejuggler

I think that smiley means you are concussed or having a stroke.


Bunny ...
Hehehehe inka ....maybe pi$$ed smiley
Bunny ...
Off to bed .... Night all

Since you asked---

 On the right is the Borsalino[hatband added by me], left is my bespoke bowler.


 You can see the graft. Can't wait for the catkins on my bonsai willow!

Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

Inka, you could repost your photos on the 2013 Garden Photos thread, here:

Here, we've had a dusting of snow overnight, and light snow still falling.

I have few plants in the greenhouse, covered by two layers of fleece. There's a thermometer with them, beneath the fleece. The temperature beneath the fleece at 7am was +3.

The forecast is predicting sunny intervals. A bit of sun should lift the temperature. If it rises above +5 in the greenhouse itself then I might put some seedlings, which are in the house, out there, for a little day trip.


Cold and snowy-back in bed

Jean Genie

Morning  A nice sunny day here but we've had a frost over night . Woke up early to the dulcet tones of the heating kicking in. No snow though.

I'm really pleased with the Cosmos seeds making an appearance - I collected those last year. Never tried the home-grown variety , Still waiting for the Astrantia which I've left outside in a pot. Someone said said they had to be chilled to start them off.

More coffee I think. Watching the birds at the moment - we seem to be overun by blackbirds.


Bunny ...
Morning all
Sunny with a layer of snow ...pretty , -3 though
Just spotted the woodpecker

Lab olive already putting pressure on to go walkies

Great hats inka and a bonsai willow well done you.
Bunny ...
Haaaa real feel temp is -17 pass the thermals

Morning GaryJeanBunnyBunnyBunny

Light dusting of snow here too - to my surprise as I didn't think anything would stick.
Pinger has just pung, porridge next.

Sue H
Morning all. Kids off to school now. Very cold here. -5 but says feels like -13. Don't think I will venture very far today. Log burner out of action. Needs new rope bit for round door!! Could go to shop and buy some.