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So did I-thanks to Gary-I think it may be the same stuff you can get on the red button.

The opening ceremony is supposed to be fantastic-they have done a rehearsal but it is all hush-hush


Hello Everyone  We had a wonderful Open Day - the weather was perfect and our vistors were very kind about our garden  We had around 180 visitors and made £700.00

It was so great to meet Lottie - I am so pleased she came - she is lovely  She very kindly brought me some of her eggs - Barry had a couple for his tea tonight and says they are yummy - I will have a couple tomorrow  I have been looking after our 4 Grandchildren today so haven't fully recovered from the weekend - a slobby day is in order for tomorrow

Pam x


As a sports fan I am afraid that opening ceremonies always leave me cold. It all seems so artificial, I want to see some sport.

Pam congratulations, it sounded like a great day and that will be a welcome donation for your chosen charity.


Pam that is great- £700 means a lot of visitors and cakes munched-and a positive report on Lottie-we always have faith in the potato queen

We await of course the photographic evidence

Kate-the sport starts tomorrow you will be a happy bunny

A quandary-should you water in the evening or morning and I have 3 empty containers -got tired of the nasturtiums and stuck them here and there in the garden-dare I go to B & Q tomorrow?


I watered this morning and will have to water again tonight, the nasturtiums are very disappointing,  who recommended them?? The plants that I bought on Friday are struggling more in this heat than the others so I would be looking at how much tlc can be given. I also have some empty containers but I am hoping that some seedlings may spring to life.



I dont know-who can we blame ???

I did notice the dahlias were wilting in the heat-it is because they can't take up the water quick enough they are ok now.

If I water now I might see a neighbour and have to speak


A couple of my dahlias were wilting in the pouring rain too, I am tempted to dig them up to check their roots.

What is wrong with your neighbours?


I have watered and didn't see anyone-I feel at times I am the only sane person in this street and I worry about me

It is still very warm out -why haven't we had more of this weather gods?


I will swap you for my noisy neighbours kids, even my ipod did not drown them out! What time is bed time?

We need more sunny weather then your neighbours will appear sane


All the oldies are tucked up

Bedtime is after Line Of Duty which is just coming on


 I meant for small screaming children


Hi all.

Well done on the open day Pam, good total. Lucky Lottie getting to see it in reality.

The Ikea saga - delivery is now scheduled for this thursday, apparently. That's what customer services at store found out. Have I been asked/told/consulted by delivery company? No. Should it not arrive then I shall ask for a full refund of all monies paid & start looking again for a cabinet e/w.

Took myself shopping early this morning after being unable to get to speak to anyone at either company. Needed to get out before I exploded!!

Yet again a member of staff at the foodhall remembered me & my headscarf. She came up to me to see how was going on- bless. They're all going to be sooo disapointed when I turn up as myself, minus the scarf.

The living in the 70s is on. High boots- I had a glorious bright blue leather pair- really comfy for disco dancing, honestly! This I must watch, byee. J.


I had the window open last night-doesn'tanybody go to bed anymore?-I am sure I could hear wheely-bins being put out at mid-night-as for kids being sent to bed at 8 with no supper those days are gone- I'm afraid they probably don't get if from the pub till 11.

It is peaceful now-but the dog wanted to go out and I was having a lovely sleep

I need to discuss Line of Duty but will wait until I am sure it is safe.

Too early for coffe-time


Morning Geoff its a lovely morn here Im not listening to our local radio forecast they were wrong again for yesterday.

My OH has decided to go for a repair as was planned for today on his bridge and then seek further advice.The helpline were not happy with the advice he was given.

Wilt with heat ha that is so not fair.. I was looking at forecast for here next week and they are saying a high of 13c

Kate Thats good to hear about the scabious if the plant doesnt survive then maybe it will self seed I have the Macedonica as well its fantastic. I like a few big statement plants. I have a Crambe in the front garden which is a real talking point and in the back I have Euphorbia Fireglow which has taken over a corner 4ft of it anyway its striking at the moment.

Geoff. Am I not the only one that is made to feel a bit odd because they do there garden Im the only one in our road apart from my old neighbour who is lovely he loves when I go in and give him a hand or go with him to a garden centre. My only worry is the visitors I had at the weekend were worse than me with gardening and to me came across as being a bit odd.. So How do we come across to our non gardening neighbours Do you care.. I dont think I do


I put the washing on before 7-that is now hanging out to dry

Something odd is happening with neighbours-there has been a gardener sitting in his car outside catman's house for 20 minutes-now gone inside-no activity yet-typical of this slob not to be up and ready and keep someone waiting -have seen him do it to taxi drivers as well-will update in due course-could be living Kate's nightmare

I find it odd that people buy a house with a garden and do nothing to it-on my stroll to the doctor's on Monday at least 50% of front gardens were not tended to and some completely neglected.

Update-he is working on the front-pulling out weeds-there will be some returned cat messages to stumble across

Kate-did you take some pictures? and how was the mexican dish?




Jenny my dentist always seems to give me the expensive option first, it is so frustrating.

Geoff is he quiet or does he have 20 petrol tools? The washing I did yesterday dried in 2 hours.

My neighbours made some comments when they saw me hunting for vine weevils at 11pm, I do not care

I found LOD a little frustrating but that probably is the most realistic view of modern policing.


I have the window open-this is what I heard

-I knocked the door

-I was in the shower

-I rang your phone

-I didn't hear it

-I rang your mobile

-don't have switched on

Catman has gone to work-he said he won't recognise it when he gets back-at the moment it is just secateurs so is quiet-he is and old chap called Dave


I am assuming waiting time will be included in the price.

I think programmes like LYG must give gardeners a hard time, last nights was just hard landscaping


They must have spent well in excess of £30000-I did like the result but can really do without the sentimentality-again will they look after it,does she garden or him for that matter-I am hoping they do return visits.

LOD did have a frustrating ending the bad boys got away with it-the ones with the white hats did not win-is that the end or will there be more?

Gardener does not speak


I made it £50,000 and I thought that it would still require a lot of maintenance.

LOD I can see a second series with the one who was genuinely bad.

Have you offered him tea?