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Bunny ...
Hehe becks

Lovely out ? snowing again now

Morning All

Youhave been busy forkers today. Took me a while to find where today starts. Bright sun here cold, cold wind. Snow was falling when let dog out last night and GH was very covered -  no sign of it now, still not going out.

Have brought small bag compost in as need to prick out some seedlings that have their 2nd leaves. Cosmos have germinated including own collected last year - very pleased at that. Caz and I must have watched CK for that I think Oh Morning Glory have germinated as well

Cucumbers are getting proper leaves, after disaster last year what do I do next please.

It's Mothering Monday today 



Bjay -things coming on a pace-have some moneymaker tomatoes to sow-that means going to the greenhouse for compost

Cucumbers haven't germinated yet -might be the way they were sown -will investigate.

Come on Bianca-I'm waiting


Guete Morge from Switzerland.

Ha Ha SotonGeoff, that's a new one from Bianca, almost brings one to tears. The ones my OH gets are usually from Kumasi (somewhere in Africa) and most of them are beautiful young blondes!

Cool here today, your snow is expected to reach us on Wednesday, no gardening for me for at least a week.

Have a great day everyone and don't eat too much cake!

Bunny ...
Still haven't sown anything



This one Sue wants my body- not my money-the trouble is I am leaving my body to medical science-on the other hand.......

Caz W
sotongeoff wrote (see)

 if only we tried who knows where this relationship might lead us.

Up the garden path

Morning Forkers - it's a day to stay in and make cake


Morning! What a start to today. Woke at 6.30 to find heating hadn't come on. Downstairs found pressure on boiler had dropped, so recharged and it started working again. I then noticed the dripping water Not huge amount maybe a few table spoons, once it was up to heat, dripping stopped. Have just been on to phone to British Gas, £99 quid later and £21 a month for 12months, have engineer coming tomorrow afternoon. Still you get a service in that cover too, so I figured either cough up 3 or 400 now and then have to pay for a service as well next year, or pay 99 now and the other 250 over 12 months. They have you either way

Sun now out, but by God walking to school this morning it was bitingly cold. Lots of my plants look like they've been shocked by the sudden freeze. Hope they recover.

So there you go, if you think you've got stress, that has been my marvelous Monday so far!

Caz W

Hi Ben - we decided to "sign up" to the contract too when our heating packed up end of last year.   Like you say - they win either way   Still, at least you'll be sorted tomorrow. 

Bunny ...
Medical science Geoff

Why do heating systems pack up when it is cold?

Still nothing from Bianca

Caz W



Bunny ...
Been to greenhouse.....I'm back ... Brrrr , sun warm but blindingly bright
Caz W

Sown all your seeds already Bunny?????





Just resown the cucumber seeds on their sides now

Tomatoes next

Perhaps Bunny is waiting for an empty one of these?



Just typed a post and it's been lost!!

Any way it is now blowing a blizzard outside 

Also posted tonights meal but may do that again later


Morning peeps, just.

Waiting for my new printer to be delivered sometime today. Have uninstalled the old one, well not so old, but knackered, what do I do with it now?. It looks brand new, not happy.

Had quite a lot of snow overnight, could hear it beating on the windows, but it is slowly going, bright sunshine, but b***** cold.

Oh has just gone of to see the nurse to have a few stitches removed from his head, has to go back tomorrow for a blood test, couldn't fit him in on same day so 2 journeys what a pain, in more ways than one.

Some of our seeds are up, the piccolo tomatoes, gardeners delight and some flower seeds, makes you wonder if we will ever be able to plant things out.



Stitches?-head?-have I missed something again

Try selling it on -e-bay as spares??-freecycle??- or just writing it off??