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Jean Genie

Afties - freezing here and we've just had a mad snow storm. It's stopped now but washing was out as it was bright and breezy this morning. Sun out again now.

Geoff - how come you keep getting strange e-mails.?

Think I'll do some more seeds seeing how i can't get outside.

Anyone know when it's due to get warmer ?

Bacon and egg buttie.

Hope OH alright Chris - I must have missed that as well

Deanos Diggin It
Jean! It is due to get warmer about half two, when I shall be home n crank the heating on full bore! ; )

Hot pork, stuffing and apple sauce baguette followed cup cakes n a large mug of coffee!

And I aim to do nothing but sit in this nice warm office till home time!
Sue H
Sun out here again but bitterly cold. Was going to cook fish for tea but found shoulder of lamb in freezer. Defrosting and off in oven soon!!
Deano can u send me a baguette round too?

Jean -I just must attract nutters-look at the people on here

According to the latest forecast gradually less cold by the end of the week-but Spring still on hold-not golfing tomorrow

Fancy lamb-mint sauce??

Miss Becks

There is something strange about walking down the road in full, lovely sun, and it be snowing as well. Just not right!



Gary Hobson

'Bianca' never writes to me.


Afternoon all.

Becks, same weather here today. I had to go up to the bank, to grumble, & boy it was cold walking. The snow started just as I got home, so got the stiff washing back inside pronto. It's not taken much tumbling to dry it properly though.

Was going to do some seed sowing yesterday, & then today, but noway am I going down to the shed/greenhouse to freeze in that wind. Garden faces East, brr. It's snowing again now. J.


Speak for yourself Geoff. I'm most frightfully sensible and utterley normal. I never get emails from strange women. But I have had a few phone calls from a weird French man saying unmentionable things about sex! OH was very cross!


Bjay it's way too early for Morning Glory seeds, honestly. They'll end up looking very poorly pretty quickly unless the nightime temps improved dramatically. First week of May is my time for doing those. J.

Miss Becks

I was given a rose plant this morning, and although I love roses, and want them in my front garden, have never had one before, so how do I care for it for the moment. My flower beds in the front won't be dug until summerish time. Can I put it in one of the plastic greenhouses now?

Also, look at the picture at the bottom. Is this one Rose plant, or 3? Not sure as never grown from seed, and don't know if they throw up more than one shoot. 

Can I separate them into separate pots for now?





Indoor minature rose Becks-that is about as big as it will get

You cant plant it outside but best kept in a container-and yes you can split it


That's lovely becks, It looks like 3. I would wait a while as I think they are GH grown for indoor use and you would , when the weather is spring like (much warmer) need to harden them off first in one of your GH and then in the garden when it is warm. Replant them in September/October For now enjoy them in your house but don't put them near a radiatier 

Miss Becks

But I saw something crawling on it. I wanted to get it outside! Bugger.


Becks, I had a display like that last year & tried to get them to harden off etc, but somehow they never took off. (I wasnt really up to much last spring, so not surprised mine didnt suceed)

I agree that they're grown for indoor plants, so treat them as such until say about May, then separate them & give it a go! J.

Miss Becks

Thanks. Will they be ok in fresh multi-purpose compost?



Yes Becks -happy as pig in ****

Liz -do tell more

Miss Becks

Two slices of bread with sauce??

I've popped them in between Jess's spider plants for now. At least they'll have someone to talk to.



Miss Becks wrote (see)

Thanks. Will they be ok in fresh multi-purpose compost?

Yep, then later on, perhaps when you try separating them I'd mix the MP with either JI3, or even some of your own garden soil/compost. That way they will transplant better into the ground.

You could even just 'heel' them into some spare patch of ground, once they're hardenend off, & they should cope- unless your soil is sandy, when extra 'muck/compost' would be appreciated.

Brilliant sun again now, J.


Is that the French sex advice??


Becks whatever size that rose is now-that is it -it wont get taller inside or out