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Miss Becks, A prairie sandwich (bread meets bread)

Jean Genie

It's flippin snowing again  When it stops I'm going to bring the washing in and leave it in.

Becks, that's a lovely little rose.


Jo - I didn't find out it's too early to sow Morning Glory until it was too late, so will give them a go. Only sowed 6 so can sow more if these go off.  and knowing me they will

Miss Becks

Geoff said 'happy as pig in ****'

so I said..'Two slices of bread with sauce??' meaning a bacon sarnie! An attempt at being funny which failed!


New printer successfully installed feel quite pround of myself, lets see how long this one lasts

OH had a small operation to remove a cyst  on his head 10 days ago, 2 more larger ones to go. Didn't think to mention it. Sense prevailed at the surgery and the nurse decided she could fit him in for his blood tests today, so he doesn't have to go back tomorrow, thank goodness. It's a 5 mile round trip.

We had scrambled egg on toast for lunch, and very nice it was too.

Got to go to SIL later to drop off her birthday pressie for tomorrow, hope the snow holds off, we keep getting heavy showers.

Am I using too many smileys?



Miss Becks

No such thing as too many smileys Chris! We need more!


Becks dont give up the day job

Does anybody watch Dancing on Ice??-there is a bit of news

Did not post all the smileys-sat on me hands


Bjay, chances are they wont end up looking happy, so have more seeds at the ready.

I have another appointment at another bank tomorrow. So another 2 mile round trip, walking again, should do me good....., but honestly the faffing around that you have to go to. Need all sorts to prove who I am etc etc, as not an existing customer. Thank goodness for photo driving licence.

Then daughter arriving to take me on yet another retail therapy session, for her this time, & lunch out.

Right off to get busy around here now, so can hopefully spend Thursday sowing more seeds. J,

Caz W
sotongeoff wrote (see)

Did not post all the smileys-sat on me hands

Excellent self control Geoff but I'm still too afraid to look at a new thread called "Strange Plums"  in case you've not been so strong willed on that


Just waiting for one on huge melons to appear


Just looked at the last comment-odd looking,plum coloured,round hard balls like marbles

Got me hand on me h'penny now and me dongle


You guys do make me chuckle, OH thinks I'm mad now! Snowing outside I'm sure we were in the midst of a heat wave this time last year.
Bunny ...
Guess what.......

I've sown ...sown ...sown.....

Awaiting log man now, picks the coldest day on earth **rolling eyes for goodness sake smiley**

Oh no Bunny -you have started too early- why have you done that?-more leggy seedling questions


Sue H
What seeds did you sew.
Sue H wrote (see)
What seeds did you sew.

Cotton seeds

Jean Genie

Geoff why are you saying it's too early to sow ? Most of my packets say sow March to May - I've always started them off round about now.