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25/07/2012 at 10:17

I said to him you will need more than one bag-he said he had two-then he turned away -he may be under orders not to chat-now pulling the bindweed of the roses-that is as far as I am going.

I am hoping this a plan for selling the house- then that takes me to the worry stage -who do we get next?

25/07/2012 at 10:21

I suppose he is wary of chatting to customers and then realising that they do not want to pay for the extra time. 

I always have that worry, 2 of my neighbours tried to sell but then changed their minds.

I think that it time to go and do some watering?

I need a summer dish with mince? please.

25/07/2012 at 10:25

Have just been reading about Portsmouth FC-it is being given the last rites

Make a lasagne- have it with salad?

I wonder if it is piece work for a one off clearance or and hourly rate-will follow with interest


25/07/2012 at 10:29
I'm out to lunch today with friends. Just had to chase a small creature around the living room after it had escaped the clutches of Rocky the cat. Hubby caught him and he has been liberated in the garden. Let's hope he has his invisible cloak on.
25/07/2012 at 10:47

There was something hiding behind a bush this morning-could have been a mouse,a rat or a frog couldn't see- but could see the bush moving

25/07/2012 at 11:09

@Peninnepetal, the joy of cats

@Geoff When Mrs Geoff cooks lasagne, how long does she have to stand next to a sweltering hot stove?

25/07/2012 at 11:16

I am not in a position to answer that question - I am all alone-Dave the gardener is now using a strimmer on the weeds in the paving-this looks like a one off cosmetic job

Mince will not cook itself is the only advice I can offer-we are having quiches pre- cooked from the freezer-it is all about being a boy scout

25/07/2012 at 11:23

I may need to go to the shops I like quiche

Have you googled your postcode to see houses for sale?

25/07/2012 at 11:49

Gardener has gone-having seen and watched him-I would be ashamed in that standard of work -have just had a look there is still rubbish and weeds-he must come very cheap that is all I can say

Just checked-there is one in the street going for £150000-but it needs a lot of work -he paid £160000 5 or so years ago doesn't show it is up for sale at the moment but something must be going on

Theses are home-made mini-quiches but there are only two-if there were more I would send out the usual invites

25/07/2012 at 11:58

Perhaps he felt catman did not deserve his best efforts, having kept him waiting so long!

Penninepetal, am glad the small thing got rescued. I couldn't rescue the one Alfie caught in the garden recently.

I drove to Portsmouth and back last night. The things we do for our offspring! Still, I enjoyed going through the tunnel in both directions.

My plan for lunchtime today is to sit and eat an ice cream and do a bit of feeding and watering and nothing else. Its too warm for digging or weeding (I have decided!)

25/07/2012 at 12:15

Lottie far too hot to dig, can you use a hosepipe yet?

Geoff it sounds like he is a man who got 3 quotes and went for the half price one and will not even notice the mess. Was it front garden only?

25/07/2012 at 12:59

At the moment just the front-the back is a  worse mess there is bindweed everywhere this guy will just pull it off without treating it

I took a thermometer outside 30C in the shade 40C in the sun and rising

Who is up for a bit of beach volleyball?

25/07/2012 at 13:00

Yes we can now use hose pipes. I might use it on myself if I get too hot. Yesterday I fed some of the plants with the nettle tea. It stank!

You usually get what you pay for.

25/07/2012 at 14:17

It is sticky here but we have some cloud.

I have been to the shops and bought some bacon to have a bacon and pea shoot salad.

Geoff what would you charge to tidy up the back?

I can serve in beach volleyball but cannot return

25/07/2012 at 14:36

A fulsome apology from him, my flymo,back and a couple of hundred pounds- in cash of course-to clear it and £20 per visit to maintain it

I have the beach volleyball costume at the ready-is that steel toe caps and hard hat was well?

25/07/2012 at 14:59

I cannot see that happening That MP must be popular every MP has been asked if he has ever paid cash for services.

We do not want to scare old ladies, small children and horses.

25/07/2012 at 15:11

What exactly is the female equivalent of speedos?

25/07/2012 at 15:28


25/07/2012 at 15:42

I've got a monokini-not sharing

25/07/2012 at 16:22

Glad to hear it. Would be quite horrific if I put something like that on!