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Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

Temperature beneath the fleece in the greenhouse this morning was down to +2. I'm still bringing little seedling into the house each night. Tonight should be the very last night I need to do that.

Received an E-mail this morning, from the local County Council, saying that Gardeners World Live are organising a competition for community gardens (count us out).

"The winners will receive a Greenhouse worth over £1000 and £300 worth of seeds to help make their garden even more special.... Judging will be based around four main criteria: Contribution to the community; Teamwork; Ability to inspire; Horticultural achievements...Closing date is 20 April 2013. Shortlisted groups will be visited by members of the judging panel and a winner will be announced on 19 May."

I expect more details will be publicised in the press and on GW.

Pennine Petal
Morning forkers, didn't want to get up this morning! No change there then. Applicant visit day today, have to put my smiley face on. No snow here, stay at hone under the duvet, Dove!

Dreaming about go out shopping and meeting forkers last night!!
Bunny ...
Morning forking folk... TooooooooooT ToooooooooT for the forkers bus...

Bright sunshine, blue sky , -4 ...

Oh Dove we will be in heatwave then , they'll be strong and ramping away leaving you nothing to worry about

Glyn ... Dream or nightmare

Gary .. Hmmm community ..round here ?

Chris .. Is OH needing paracetamol this morning

Delivery due (should've been yesterday) then a roof to fit, please stay sunny !!!
OH on planning our new van (for us)

There enough smileys for now me thinks
Gary Hobson

I always make sure I get to the bus stop early, even in bad weather.

Have my sandwich box, and flask of soup.

Bunny ...

TOOOOOOOT TOOOOOOOOOOOT well done Gary, as for the rest .... Im not waiting for geoff , be after lunch by time he is ready with his socks ...


Jean Genie

Morning Bunny and Gary  I'm up (just ) , Another cold one and heating woke me up at 4.30. am.

No jock-box, Gary?

No plans for today but think I'll sow some coleus. Got some from Wilkos . Never tried them before so hoping for best. Need to do a little research but think they could possibly make some nice gap filling material.

Hoping someone on here will let me know. I think Pam (LL) has grown them.

Shopping as well today . Hope I can bag some bargains like Liz did.


Good Morning everyone. -2 sunny day   weather man say its to stay dry and temp to rise to a balmy 5 more frost tonight, I'm off to Dublin today to get my happy pills so I will see you in the afternoon


Sue H
Morning all. Balmy 1 degree here. Bright and sunny. Unlike me. Been up half night with painful tingling hand. One of those feelings you cant ignore. Taking painkillers and using cozy cat made no difference! Appointment for doctors tomorrow. Not good with new job to start Monday!
I grew coleus when I was a child encouraged by Granny. Great fun and there's some lovely colours and patterns nowadays. I might join you they strike well from cuttings too.
Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

The day looks hopeful. Sun is out already. Hopefully I'll get a call to say my car is ready. May even venture out to dig a few more veg beds. But, one step at a time. Coffee.


Beautiful day, got up, when I checked thermostat in hallway it was reading 12.5!!! Glad of the fan heaters for the bedrooms, boiler should be fixed today. Sun is out and lovely, thinking I might get some things done today.

My 6 month old kettle has decided to start leaking, not a cheap one either, just got through on phone and will be getting a replacement, so it's all good.

Hope everyone else enjoys their day and is productive.

Jean Genie

Sorry Glyn and Dove and everyone else - didn't say good morning

Dove, are they fairly easy to germinate? I've never grown coleus before but do agree that there are some lovely colours and patterns.  Well, according to the picture on the seed packet.

Ben, I never have much luck with kettles. Mine always leak after the same sort of time scale. Mind you , we are great tea drinkers in this house - they do tend to take a hammering.

Off to shops now. If you're around, Bjay, I'll see what seed disks H/B have in.

Catch you all later.


Grey but no frost. -2°. Put horses rugs on last night. They were, except Hannah (my retired one) all plastered with dried on mud from rolling. Took ages grooming, nose full of mud, ugh! I have 2 my retired one and my rideable one (Lena). My daughter has 2, her retired one (25) and Hannah's daughter, Radia. Where we live there is so much space and keeping a horse isn't the expensive luxury that it is in England. My dog costs as much as 2 horses to feed. A friend (trained) trims their feet. Only Lena is shod. So it's as though I have 3 dogs! But they aren't allowed indoors!


Morning all

Spent last night catching up on TV missed either on DVD or iplayer

Bright sunny enticing sort of day but OH says it's not warm at all so will have to see. Was lying in bed this morning thinking about constructing my new raised bed, taking photos of each stage then when YET more questions come up on the forum I can just post the photos as yet again same questions are coming up Might not though

Still not sleeping that well, worried about daugter since her visit and her heart to heart, Still that's a mothers perogative

My kettle which is very nice, good make and bright red doesn't switch off any more

Sue hand doesn't sound good. Is that the one you injured?


Gruntfuttocks all

Dressed, socks on,off to beige land shortly for Thomsons Roof Seal-must get up there and do it before the rains come

Watched trains again this morning-falling in love with trains

Good luck with boilers ,kettles beds raised or not,hands,deliveries ,digging,horses,snow,frost,anything else I have missed -all human life is here.

Hope Lottie puts in a appearance soon -it has been over a week



She's lost in Ancestor land I tnink you'll find. It's very compelling

Sue H
Rosa. Carpal tunnel probs with hand. Need operation - just not now. With new job on Monday! ! Going to try persuade doctor to give steroid injection into it. Solve problem temporarily. Even dropped lemon drizzle cake on kitchen floor last night.
On another note - I have grown coleus before. Need to get them going in heated propagater. Is always a surprise as to what you get. Do well in a nice warm summer. We must be due one soon?

Morning Frozen Forkers. Lovely and sunny but still a biting wind here. Local forecast said snow by midday! As I type it is clouding over  . Happy news at WW - I don't think the bacon sarnie ruined my efforts. Have been very sensible and bought lots of veggies to make a big warm casserole.

Have a nice day, whatever you're doing, and those with hurts and worries - hope things improve soon


Thanks Flo-will be up on that roof-off to beige land-anybody want anything?