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Bunny ...
I'm back in ...frozen .... Sun you say ??? What sun ???? mizzle and cold cold cold .... Even dog deserted me for the comfort of house

Sweet peas sown and another cosmos

Cuppa time, anyone need a drink ?

Hi Forkers--sounds like you all have been busy bees! Thank you for the birthday wishes--don't really have plans, except to crack on with the knitting and hope for some sun. Not actually raining at the mo, so will go out and chop some wood for the fire.

Have 2 hyacinths blooming in a pot on the table--house smells divine. So glad of all the bulbs I potted up in the fall!

Horseradish-very easy to grow, but can be invasive--get a root, plonk in soil, water when you think of it, dig and grate. Wear goggles!


Happy bday Inka, and to everyone else, thank you for letting me vent Nothing like a good venting to free up your mind! Trouble is, nowt to fill it other than garden things, (mindless clap-trap OH says, til it's on the plate!) think it'll be the off-licence later, highly satisfied with things accomplished. Amazing where a day goes right and you get plenty done, how much better you feel, even the kids seem to be in on it!

Deanos Diggin It

As you can see! I am watching on, out of 8 windows!

Aftie's All!

"Happy Birthday Inka!"


Hoppy Birdy Inka!
Looks like I'm joining the raised bed club - bloke just turned up with 3 rectangular frames with galvanised hinges, when clicked together they're about 5'x3' and 8" high. And free!

Happy birthday from me too, Inka.

Sun is shining and it's snowing at the same time here, so still no gardening, although I did put some fleece around my dwarf apricot, it's starting to show flower buds and it's supposed to be -8 tonight.

Flo, do you run an animal shelter? Butch would be just about right for us, wouldn't want a dog that would outlive us in our ripe old age! But I guess being a Jacky, he wouldn't appreciate having 2 cats around, or vice versa!


Wow, lucky you, wish I knew places/people like that

I was going to make raised bed but started on front. I was going to widen bed by about a foot but have ended up cuving it round to meet the drain cover. Then i thouht I would stop - oh Lnow - it ,eant that the compacted cley, if rained on would meake a pool so have lightly dug it all over. Couch grass and clay DO NOT mix. Now absolutely shattered and am going to soak in a Mr Radox bath


Happy Birthday Inka, enjoy!

Figrat- free?? Do tell....

Oh good, sensible receptionist has sorted, confirmed & just let me know about the hospital appointment confusion. Dont you just appreciate efficient people?

Boxes have been opened....... Just remembered that daughter arriving sometime soon. Have meal to do, J.


Talking of boxes Oh has said he has found my M's box of Christmas decorations. We were wondering if she had thrown them away, They were hidden n the loft. 

Sorry about all errors, fingers gone stiff.

I'm coming Mr Radox


Birthday wishes from me too, Inka.

I don't personally run an animal shelter, Sue, but I volunteer with a small local rescue. Luckily, for dogs like Butch, there is a fair proportion of retired people round here and we can usually find a lovely 'retirement' home for a dog like him. He's 10 and a half, which is not that old for a Jack; I think his chasing days are probably over as his eyesight and hearing aren't up to it now.

Figrat - free, useful stuff, how wonderful


Mr radox has done his work.

2 days work, son comes in askedand i asked if he liked new design of front garden. Answer 'Hadn't noticed'  What I expected really

Miss Becks
Just had a chippy dinner. Pukka pies are soooo lush!

Sunny afternoon, but quite cold. Stacked logs with OH. He did more than me 'cos my elbow tendonitis started playing up. Had lunch. Then potted new dwarf rhododendron, 2 blueberries, Loropetalum, then re-potted 3 sorts of mint, all pot-bound, a cooking sage, a thyme (it was in the wrong pot, too big) some marjoram and a lovely golden leaved philadelphus which brightens up a dark spot on the kitchen terrace. Third time it's been re-potted, probably the last - getting too heavy.

Now back aches. May cyber-join Bjay in the Radox bath, but I'll have to wait for OH to get out of it first. Oh Bjay's finished!

Happy Birthday Inka

Miss Becks
Oh Lizzie! Don't open that can of worms!! Everyone bathing together! Brace yourselves for the smutty talk off the usual offenders everybody!



Hello   Did some sums when I got to work - deducted weekends, bank holidays and annual leave from the days between now and Retirement Day - 145, then I get two Rota Days off a month as well   Hardly any days left at all really 


Becks, I'm just waiting with bated breath for everyone's comments!

Miss Becks wrote (see)
Oh Lizzie! Don't open that can of worms!! Everyone bathing together! Brace yourselves for the smutty talk off the usual offenders everybody!

Doesnt bare (!) thinking about does it? sorry.....

Had garlic flavoured tagliatelle with mushrooms, onions & tomatoes. Am risking a small coffee.

Daughter needs a favour. I've been asked to go down to TC, again, to collect some curtains that have arrived at John Lewis. Have printed off all the paperwork & always have my photo driving licence with me. She hasnt got photo identity on her today, so Mum to the rescue before they get returned to the warehouse. After all the faffing around t'other day am just glad that she finally made up her mind! J.


Did someone call-some birds with no clothes on bathing together


Deanos Diggin It

Just sat last few hours contemplating! Things to do! things not to do! Weekend off in the fruition n OH working!  So time on my own to ponder over my thoughts! 

Wanna get plot finished in readiness of spring, Which as to take priority, but thinking long all over home gardens!! So much ya wanna do n so little time! as always seems the case! Just give me a little warmer weather so I can get on!  Right! I'm gunna do one! n order that wooden Greenhouse before I tuck in! 

Night All!